Member Projects

  • Sir Winston

    Sir Winston

    Known as the "Sir Winston," it definitely shares something in common with its namesake. This is an original Hott Rockets
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  • ThunderUte


    Alan Overmoe has a thing for big rockets, and the U of U. So, he combined these two items and
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  • The Lancer

    The Lancer

    Okay, hold on to your jaws... The Lancer is 15½ feet tall, with a diameter of 11.4 inches.  Flying with four
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  • Oh My Heck Bertha!

    Oh My Heck Bertha!

    This demure craft is a mere 7.5 in diameter and over 9 feet tall! The business end sports a  98
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  • Bad Ass Betty

    Bad Ass Betty

    The Bad Ass Betty (formerly known as Black Betty) is 5.5 inches in diameter and  over 6 feet long. It sports
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  • Big Dog

    Big Dog

    Bruce Bell's 41 pound Big Dog is over 6' tall and 10" in diameter and is made from pre-fiberglassed tube.
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  • HyperImpatience!


    If you came out to the April launch (remember the wind) UROC member John Erickson (Droopy) attempted a level 3
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  • Orbital Transport

    Orbital Transport

    Bob Morstadt's project for HellFire 13 is a 4x upscale model of the Estes Orbital Transport. According to the 1971
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  • The Twins

    The Twins

    Steve Anderson's first of two projects featured at HellFire this year is actually a pair of rockets. The project consists
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  • Nike Ute

    Nike Ute

    Steve Anderson's second feature at HellFire this year is for all you fans of the school down south (relatively speaking).
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  • Von Braun

    Von Braun

    Steve Anderson is planning on staying busy at HellFire this year, he has lots of big projects. His biggest has
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  • Gemini Titan

    Gemini Titan

    Bob Morstadt's HellFire project this year is a beautiful, scratch built Gemini-Titan. Bob's Titan is a 5-inch diameter model that uses
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  • Bruce Bell's Doberman

    Bruce Bell's Doberman

    I have always built short fat rockets because I liked seeing them take off slow. So for Hellfire this year I
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  • Sgt.Pepper


    Here's some shots of the rocket the Overmoes (Alan and Brad) plan on flying at HellFire15. I showed it at
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  • Tim Thomas is Thunderstruck

    I will be launching my Talon 6 "Thunderstruck". I will power it up with a M2400 Blue Thunder. This should
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  • Jerry Hughes - Aces High !

    Jerry Hughes - Aces High !

    Here is Aces High, it's 7.5 inches in diameter and as you can see, big. The motor is sitting to
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  • Little V2

    Little V2

    This is the original Overmoe V2. They call it the "Little V2" but there's nothing little about it. Based on an
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  • Nike Smoke

    Nike Smoke

    David Spencer's beautful Polecat brand Nike Smoke is making its way back out to the salt this year. It is
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  • Homer


    Jack has been a HellFire Hellion since about 1998 and a rocketeer even longer than that. When he moved away to
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  • Blown Fuse

    Blown Fuse

    If you were having a hard time deciding what day to come out to HellFire the decision was just made
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