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UFO 2017 Standings

UROC's Fall Contest event  the UROC Fall Open (UFO) 2017 took place on Saturday, October 14th. The event began about 8am in 27 degree temps with clear blue skies and no wind.  So we got our birds in the air a quickly as we could. We were flying under the new National Rocketry Competition (NRC) rules so there were no points but we all still had a lot of fun.  We had some pretty good flights and some nice Scale models.  Al Mecklenburg had a sliding wing Rocket Glider that made 2 excellent flights to earn him first in that event.  By the time it got warm enough to generate thermals the wind also came up.  We finished up about noon.  Looking forward to the NAR launch in November.
-- Bruce

UFO 2017 Standings 

Sport Scale

PlaceContestantNumberSectionPrototypeStaticFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 D Region Tomahawk 530.0 100.0   63000 600
2 Goode, Matt 100903 523 WAC Corporal 495.0 100.0   59500 360
3 Bell, Sally 85169 523 IQSY Tomahawk 445.0 100.0   54500 240
4 Redd, Randall 6333 523 Patriot 340.0 100.0   44000 120


D Egg Lofting Altitude

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 473   473 570
-- Goode, Matt 100903 523 CR   0 0


B Rocket Glider Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Mecklenburg, Al 65738 523 28 44 72 630
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 23 41 64 378
3 Bell, Sally 85169 523 41   41 252
-- Goode, Matt 100903 523 NG   0 0


Random Duration (45 sec)

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 13.3% (39 s)   133 300
2 Goode, Matt 100903 523 24.4% (56 s)   244 180
4 Redd, Randall 6333 523 115.6% (97 s)   1156 60
T Division
3 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 523 55.6% (20 s)   556 120


A Streamer Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 43 65 108 240
2 Goode, Matt 100903 523 47   47 144


UFO 2017 Meet Champions

PlaceContestantNAR NumberSectionTotal Points
C Division
1 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 2088
2 Goode, Matt 100903 523 684
3 Mecklenburg, Al 65738 523 630
4 Bell, Sally 85169 523 492
5 Redd, Randall 6333 523 180
6 Snaufer, Mark 29609 523 0
6 Steele, Carrie 78080 000 0
6 Steele, Cassidy 81474 000 0
6 Steele, Cody 46810 000 0
6 Steele, Katie 80121 000 0
6 Stewart, Pearce 101610 000 0
T Division
1 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 523 120
2 Team, Pod Babe Doors T-202 523 0
1 UROC   523 4194
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Upcoming UFO 2017 Contest

UROC's next event is our annual NAR sanctioned contest known as "UROC Fall Open" or "UFO" for short. This launch is for people competing in the contests, no high power flights will be taking place. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details. Event will take place from 8am to 2pm on Saturday, October 7. The contest will be held at our normal launch site Frank Hunt Field.

List of the UFO 2017 contest events:

There will not be a Porta Potty ordered for this launch. Set up is expected to begin around 8:30 am and we will fly in to the early afternoon or until the wind gets to be too strong.

If the weather conditions for the upcoming launch deteriorate or if the fire hazard becomes too high, we will try to notify everyone via our normal modes including the website, facebook, and twitter.

These events are for NAR members and we can sign you up at the site. 

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Scale Rocketry "must have" available again!

bookAn important book for both
 scale model and history buffs has returned! The book "Small Sounding Rockets' by Richard Morrow is now back in print.  The companion CD has many color photos and enlargeable drawings of the vehicles in the book. New to the Small Sounding Rockets companion CD is an exhaustive library of blueprints of the Cooper Development Corporation ASP-I (Plumbob), SCAMP, and ASCAMP with the sampler (diffuser)  nose. The most complete data on the Terrapin is also included. If you are looking for the data for that next scale project or just love rocket history, don't miss out on your opportunity to get hold of this great book! This book has recieved high praise for its detail and quality of information and it's great to have it available once again.  An order form is attached below.
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