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Tuesday, 12 April 2016 10:53

April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Utah Rocket Club April 11, 2016 Meeting Minutes by: Heather Park

Meeting held at the Salt Lake County Offices 2001 South State Street RM N1100

7:00 pm until 8:20 pm

Heather Park- President, conducting

April 11, 2016 is a Research, Tripoli launch. We will need someone to pull our trailer. And at least 3 officers on the field.I will be contacting officers by wed for a go or no go. Weather may be windy.

Information will be posted to face book.

We will also be having a Hellfire planning meeting. I will send out emails for a time. The waiver is ready, Heather is contacting the BLM for updates on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

NAR newsletter: Ted Cochran suggested adding space to our launch setups for cars and spectators. We need more space for rockets to land without hitting people or cars.  It's was suggested Sept up a first line and move up 50 yards and add an additional line.

Jed Marti, Bill Cooper, Neal Baker Tim Boschert officers in attendance.   25 poeple in attendance

New people: Robert and Judy Hansen, recently moved here.

New Business:

Wesley Anderson has been ill for some time and has been in the hospital for a while. He will be released soon.

Hobby Town offering discounts up too 7% for club members and more for email information, from our club. Club will be sending in members information to take advantage of the discounts.

NAR: April 30, Contest.  A streamer duration,Peanut Scale, Random Duration, C- Egglof Altitude, A, Helocopter, Duration.

Hill Airforce Base will be asking for help with their summer rocket building, some time in July. Kari Christensen, will be contacting soon.

Summer picnic July 11, 2016. Will be held at Sugar House Park. Details will be on the uroc website.

Fred Williams is really ill, could use some cheering up. Need to get a card.

Tripoli Prefect: Tripoli is offering grants for club upgrades need receipts and plans for them from Neal. Neal is currently working on a new prototype low power pads.

Neal : Any ideas to get more poeple interested in our club, or bring back those who have left.

Tony: idea of bringing in Mythbusters actors to come to our Hellfire launch.

Steve : Can we offer prizes during our launches for those who stay after.

Kathy : re-inviting old member back by mail or email.

Show and tell: Bill is working on a large rocket. And Lawrence shared a fun video on youtube.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 09:32

St. Vincent School Student Launch

On Monday, November 23, 2015, St. Vincent school students particpated in an educational rocket launch on the school's baseball field. This launch involved to classes that Dr. Dasch Houdeshel teaches. Students were grouped into 3-4 sets of teams. And prior to launching were asked to give a brief summery of building and creating their rockets, and problems they had and how they solved them.

We had perfect weather. Randall and I got to the school early and set up. We had 16 rockets to fly and 3 deployed perfectly.

Randall gave a brief safety meeting and throughout the launch we would re-brief student of proper basic field safety. All rockets used B6-4 motors except for one rocket which due to its weight we used a C6-0 motor. Most rockets flew well however during 50 percent of the deployments the parachutes failed. We had two totally successful rockets deploy perfectly. 

Dr. Dasch also flew his own rocket.

We really enjoyed talking the the elementary aged children and answering their questions. It was really fun to see student teams be able to re-fly a fixed or re-glued rocket.

Thanks to Randall for his support and help during this launch
Heather Park.


Friday, 24 October 2014 13:22

October 2014 Meeting Minutes

October 2014 UROC meeting minutes 27 people in attendance.
Meeting held at the Salt lake City County offices, 2100 so. State Street. Rm 1100
Ken Park-conducting- Dave Spencer, Jim Buchmiller, Heather Park- all officers present.
Jed Marti- Board member in attendance.
Welcome and Greeting: 
New people present?  There was a new family that came as they had recived information from the Maker’s Faire.
Old Business:
Salt Lake City Makers Faire was fun and successful. Thanks to Rod Green, Steve Anderson, Alex Laraway, Jed Marti, and the Park family for helping out with information, and show and tell.
New Business:
  • Next month is officers election, if your interested in being officer, or would like to run be sure to come and express this next month in our meeting.
  • Hellfire 20 planning committee nomination/volunteers
  • Christmas Party, ideas were brought forward, Johanna’s Kitchen, or some kind of buffet restaurant. Both will be brought up in our next meeting for discussion.
Other Reports:
Nar: There was a great contest launch, with great weather, they had a really good time.
Tripoli:  Tim reported that Tripoli is asking pulling video that are being posted to their site, and asking others to be careful in video-taping, for better vigilance in safety. Many heads up called rockets are being ignored because those taking video are more concerned about what they are watching and not being aware of the safety of what is happening on the field.
October 18, is our next Tripoli launch, no sparkie motors allowed. We will need a person to pull the trailer. 
November will be our next Sport launch.
Youth Outreach:
We will be having a small group of about 20 scouts in attendance at our Tripoli launch
Presentation by Rod Green, 
Show and Tell:
By a junior member who was new to our group. Pictures have been posted to the uroc.org site.
Monday, 13 October 2014 22:56

UROC Display at Maker's Faire

Members of the Utah Rocket Club participated in Salt Lake City's Mini Makers Faire, held on Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Salt Lake City Library Square.
UROC member Alex Laraway asked other members to join him, and we had several long-time members come out with us to show and talk about building and flying rockets of all sizes.
Information about our club was given out, and there was a great interest among the public to get back into flying rockets.
A big thanks to Steve Anderson, Rod Green, and Jed Marti who gave Ken and Heather Park support in being available to show rockets and talk about the benefits of joining our club. The contacts for the faire made it easy to be a part of it and possibly next year we will do this again. 
Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:00

August 2014 Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2014 Meeting minutes for Utah Rocket Club  
Held at the Salt Lake County offices: 2100 So State Street.  N1100.
Ken Park Conducting   17 club members present
Dave Spencer Heather Park- officers present
Tripoli Prefect-Tim Boschert –present
Tripoli Updates: Hellfire- level 3 successful certification - Level 2 only: 1 successful certification
Post Hellfire Updates:
Dave and Ken are in the process of preparing the post –report for the BLM. Great thanks to Clair Mills and his wife Miriam for pulling our trailer, and acting as Sergant of Arms, and helping with field clean-up.
Great thanks to all of the officers, Dave Spencer for assisting with registration and always being available for credit card use, and helping with sales for the club, and all those who helped with logistics of hotels, online assistance with the website, and field clean-up. We had a very successful Hellfire 19.
Survey- Monkey: to be available on the website.
Safety: Ken wants to build some mid-power pads with rods for rockets.  There seems to be a concern for the need for them by others in the club, Ken is going to look into the cost, and see if they will prove to be useful at other launches.
May need to adjust racks for wind, variances, or pushing pads back another few feet.  It was also suggested having more spotters available for more eyes in the sky perhaps would be a better idea.
There is a digital scale for use, and would require plug in. This scale is available for anyone to use at our launches.
Research Day: need to make sure your motor is certified, and not expired for use. LDRS - Held in Wisconsin, Tripoli President stepped down.
End of Summer Blast: was successful with about 40 scouts and their parents. Randall, Cathy, Fred, Ken, Heather, Erianna attended, supporting our outreach program for education in rockets, and safety.
Ken has been talking to Commanders in the Sea Cadets; bring rocket building to the students.
Smith Library-Rocket Science class will be launched sometime in October; he will get more information for that in the next few weeks.
Hellfire plans for next year:  Ken wants a link put in the website as soon as March for early registration for Hellfire, so we get more participation, and expect to have a banquet for 2015. We already have a committed vendor- Discount Rocketry.  Ken has also asked to have Bill Stine, the author come and speak at our banquet. He also wants to have a theme for next year’s Hellfire, put in and voted on, so we can start looking at having a vendor for hats, scarfs, and perhaps children’s t-shirts available for purchase.  Not sure if Enola Gay Café, will be coming out.
Jim Yehl - Gave an excellent presentation on electronics, and dual deployment, avionics bays, wiring, different types of altimeters, barometer’s, airflow, holes, pressures, etc. He brought show and tell items as examples, everything you would want to know, and need to know about building a rocket that would need dual, deployment, to building a level 3 rocket.  
There is no one way to build an Avionics bay. There is single use parachute with just an altimeter, or dual deployment using one drogue, and a larger main. You want to make sure you have a sealed bay from all gases.
Corwin Craw: Brought his rocket to fly in Sept. it’s ready for dual deployment, with a K- motor.
Thursday, 05 June 2014 14:28

May 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for May 12, 2014
Written by Heather Park-UROC secretary
Meeting held at County Offices 2100 So State Street Salt lake City, Utah. @ 7:00p.m.
Ken Park –Conducting
17 people in attendance
NAR- May 10 sport launch turned out very well.
NASA Student launch is a GO, some puddles at the Salt Flats but drivable. ATK will be shuttling students out to the launch.  The BLM has signed the permit, and the FAA waiver is in place to 20,000 ft. Ken is meeting the Porta -potties out at the flats on Friday at 12:00pm. Dave Spencer is pulling the trailer and will meet up with Ken.  Water will be supplied and will be brought out by NAR.  Ken and Dave are both camping out to keep watch over the equipment.
NAR Competion launch- another one has been scheduled for May 25, 2014
Tripoli- Ballad cards are available for voting for Board. There has been chatter about having a second Tripoli prefect available.
Hellfire- there will be kits available to purchase for the kit-bashing contests. Absolutely no metal rockets or pvc casing allowed when flying. This will be included in the registration packet information.
RSO- Jim Buchmiller is in charge of announcing this information to all those who will be volunteering to be RSO, and going over safety issues regarding this.
Jim has asked for help in a scout building night. June 18, 2014 at 7-8:30pm in Tooele.
Show and Tell: Jim Yehle and discussions on electronics and rocket parts he has designed.
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