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Tuesday, 29 June 2004 06:59

HellFire Flight: Rich Evans' Der Red Max

Rich Evan's Red MaxRemember Der Red Max? Well, she's flying again at Hellfire 10. Rich is flying in from Washington DC just to burn a big wad of AP.The Der Red Max is a B I G upscale of the Estes Classic of the same name. This version flies on an Aerotech M1939 motor. It was Rich's Level III certification rocket.

Tuesday, 29 June 2004 06:54

Alan Overmoe's Chubsy

Alan Overmoe has a thing for big rockets, and the U of U. So, he combined these two items and came up with the ThunderUte.

The ThunderUte is a Smokin' Rockets Chubsy kit. Alan has named it the "ThunderUte" (cause BYU sucks!) and it will fly on an Aerotech L952 (if they can get one).

The ThunderUte flew at HellFire 9 on the same motor but it came in helmet first. Alan is now in the process of rebuilding. He's not sure of the altitude at this time but estimates around 5,000 to 6,000 ft.

Monday, 28 June 2004 06:19

Jerry Hughes' Blue Dart

One of the flights that will be seen at the EX day of HellFire 10 is UROC member Jerry Hughes' creation, called the Blue Dart.  It will be flying on EX day at HellFire on a 3" 8-grain Wimpy Red motor. The motor itself is almost 44" long, the large 3" motor hardware is from Woody's Pro X Hardware.

Bad Wiring LogoJerry Hughes, Ron Weigel, and Jack Blair plan flew Bad Wiring during the Research Launch at HellFire in 2006. Unfortunately, it won't fly again. This behemoth flew on 3 True Blue M's(talk to Woody about the designation).  The True Blue formula is similar to Blue Thunder with  better color, and easily as much or more roar.  The rocket is 7.5" in diameter, 15.5' tall and weighs in at about 90 pounds. Bad Wiring flew to around 13,000 ft at Balls last time.  

This weekend promises to be an exciting one. Our monthly sport launch is highlighted by Pioneer '04 which is our regional NAR contest event for 2004. Members of NAR sections in Colorado and other states will be coming down to try to set some new records and win a few contests. The contests held this year will be:

Please note that the D SuperRoc Altitude will be held Saturday only and Sport Scale turn-in is 5pm Saturday. It will be flown Sunday.

As usual, we need all kinds of help to make this launch happen. If you've got a few minutes to spare, please take a moment and sign up to help with range duty. The Duty Roster provides you the abilility to pick what you'd duty you'd like to do and when. It's really easy and we'd sure appreciate it if we could all start using it.

According to the NOAA forecast, the weather is looking like it's going to hold for us. Make sure to give our visitors from out of state a big UROC welcome!


Thursday, 29 January 2004 14:28

The Utah Rocket Club

The Utah Rocket Club is an organization dedicated to the promotion of safe and fun activities for people of all ages through the sport, science, and hobby of rocketry.

Some of our members emphasize scale modeling and fine detail in their projects while others care more for brute force and sheer power. Some rockets are very simple in their design and use basic single parachute recovery systems. Other rockets are extremely complex using clustered or staged motors, advanced electronics, multiple parachute events and even radio control and on-board video transmission. Whatever your particular interest in hobby rocketry, UROC can contribute.

By following strict safety codes, rocketry is one of the safest of recreational activities, rocketry is an activity enjoyed by families and enthusiasts of all ages.

The Utah Rocket Club is an organization of people dedicated to the promotion of model, sport and amateur rocketry. The Utah Rocket Club, or UROC , was originally an informal union of members of Tripoli Utah and NAR Section 523. Members of UROC come from a variety of backgrounds and share one common interest - launching rockets!

Under the umbrella of our two national sanctioning organizations the National Association of Rocketry and the Tripoli Rocketry Association UROC members launch rockets ranging from the smallest scale models to custom designed high power rockets taller than a person and capable of reaching altitudes of tens of thousands of feet. UROC members enjoy benefits such as international contest eligibility, accident insurance, access to a huge array of technical resources and much more.

UROC holds monthly meetings, construction workshops, field trips and (most important) rocket launches. Our launches conform to the standards set forth in the Tripoli, NAR Model and High Power Safety Codes.

The Utah Rocket Club also supports youth activities through education. UROC will present demonstration launches and/or static displays for youth groups, nonprofit organizations, holidays, special events, etc. 

Membership is open to anyone ages 10 and up. Membership in NAR and/or Tripoli is encouraged but not required. NAR membership is required for participation in sanctioned contests.

Annual UROC membership dues are $20.00 for an individual and $30.00 for a family membership. Membership is due on an annual basis. 

Some benefits of Becoming Part of the UROC Team 

  • The use of our large, safe launch site free from obstructions and with proper waivers in place from the FAA and BLM and other authorities. 
  • Use of the club's range equipment.
  • Workshops throughout the year on various rocketry subjects.
  • Helping to promote the hobby we all love, in a safe and organized manner, generating positive exposure.
  • Satisfaction of working with the community and youth organizations, introducing model rocketry to kids, who may not have any other opportunity to build and fly rockets.
  • As a NAR member, you are eligible to participate in sanctioned competitions, and possible record-setting events.
  • As a Tripoli member, you are eligible for Tripoli sanctioned events including experimental launches and possible record-setting events.
  • Daily launch fee waived at our sport launches.
  • Reduced pricing for our premium launches such as HellFire.
  • Sharing your experiences with others that have the same interests as you.

There are several ways to join UROC

Online by Credit Card or Check - You can sign up for UROC membership online by using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card. or check. Its easy, secure, and only takes a few minutes.

Join UROC or Renew Online

By Cash or Check - If you would like to join using a check or cash fill out the Membership application* and send it in along with your membership dues to:

Utah Rocket Club
PO Box 26584
Salt Lake City, UT 84126

You can also bring the application and fees to any UROC meeting or launch.

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About UROC

The Utah Rocket Club is an Not for Profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe and fun activities for people of all ages through the sport, science, and hobby of rocketry. The Utah Rocket Club supports the community through educational presentations, demonstration launches and displays for youth groups, nonprofit organizations, etc.

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