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I am writing on behalf of the Utah Rocket Club (UROC); a regional club made up of members from NAR Section 523 and the Tripoli Utah Prefecture. The Utah Rocket Club is a “not for profit” corporation. 
Over the past twenty-two years UROC has been hosting the HellFire High Power Launch (LDRS 17 in 1998 took its place). HellFire brings together model, mid-power, high-power and experimental rocketry enthusiasts from across the western United States. The event is held on the Bonneville Salt Flats on the border of Utah and Nevada. If you are familiar with the Salt Flats, you know that their vast, endless, flat expanses are the perfect setting for High Power Rocketry. The launch takes place this year August 4th through the 7th.
This event is only made possible through the generous donations (monetary or merchandise) we have received from members of the hobby rocketry community like you. We realize that during any given year, you receive requests for donations from many clubs and understand that it is impossible for you to support all of these requests. We want you to know that regardless of your decision to become a sponsor or not, we greatly appreciate your support of the hobby/sport that ties us all together.
If you would like to consider helping us make HellFire a success again in 2016 we would like to offer these benefits to you:
  • UROC Website -  As a sponsor your company name, description, and a link to your web site are placed on the Utah Rocket Club’s Web site. Your company would be listed as an official HellFire Sponsor. The web site address is

  • Flyer's packets -Every registered flyer receives a "Flyer's packet" that includes UROC’s safety rules, waiver information, lodging information, Range Pass, and other pertinent information required for the launch. In addition, sponsors are invited to provide us with their catalogs, and flyers to be placed in these packets.

  • Launch Activities -Sponsors wishing to attend the launch will be allowed to set up a booth on the front row of the range. This space will be marked and reserved for each specific vendor.

  • Raffles and Contests - Many of our sponsors donate their products to be given away during silent auctions and contests. Any time a sponsor's product is given away, the sponsor's name and product information is mentioned on the range PA system.

  • Contest Sponsorship - If you are interested in sponsoring some form of flight contest, please let us know. The sooner the contests can be detailed and explained to the flyers, the more participants you will have in the contest.
We hope you will agree that this is a great opportunity for a company that caters to rocketry related products. In addition to helping your business, your sponsorship helps to make HellFire a great launch. A launch of this size takes a lot of infrastructure. Your sponsorship helps cover some of the burden of these necessities.
Any support will be highly appreciated by us and the folks that we provide this launch for. If you have any questions or require any further clarification please feel free to contact me through the phone number above or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thanks for your time!
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