• Attendees

    Vehicles and attendees at Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017 in April
  • Attendees

    Flight line at Ken Eva Memorial launch 2017
  • Bad Landing

    Wind was a little too strong for the X-15, came in a little hot.
  • Bob and Young Prepping RC X-15

  • Bob Morstadt

  • Bob Morstadt RC X-15

  • Bruce Prepping

    Bruce Bell prepping at the Ken Eva Memorial launch 2017
  • Coming in

  • Deployment

  • Egg Lofter

  • He's a Natural

  • Heli Action

    Helicopter recovery in action at Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017
  • Helicopter Recovery

    Helicopter recovery in action at the Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017
  • HellFire 22 - The Donner Party Challenge

    HellFire is the Utah Rocket Club's (UROC) high power event held annually on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover Utah. This year, UROC introduces its newest event. The Donner Party Challenge.

    Here is a basic rundown of the challenge:

    Safely launch your rocket containing the provided energy drink on a minimum of a G80 motor. All NAR/TRA Safety Rules will be strictly enforced for this flight.

    Once range is designated as "Range Open" by the LCO the contestant will recover the rocket from the range and return it to the contest table for inspection.

    Contestant must then open the rocket's payload section and extract the energy drink and partake of its sickly sweet goodness until it is completely gone.

    Time is recorded at the time the drink is gone.The contestant with the lowest time for the above tasks will be the winner!

    Easy right? Remember this is on the Salt Flats...

    Visit UROC's website at www.uroc.org for all of of the sickeningly sweet details. See you on the salt this August!

    Music by ES Enigma by Johannes Bornlof and Salty Breeze by Martin Gauffin

  • Lift Off

    Launch at Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017
  • Liftoff

  • Matt Steele

    Matt Steele getting one of his contest entries ready at the Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017
  • Matt Steele

    Matt Steele at the Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017
  • Matt's Rocket

    One of Matt's rockets at the Ken Eva Memorial Launch 2017
  • Matt's Shuttle

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