Wednesday, 27 February 2008 16:47

Even Speedways get Potholes Featured


We received some good news from Ray Kelsey who is our contact at the Bureau of Land Mangement regarding their recent effort to put some additional salt down at the end of the access road.

Hopefully, this will address some of the problems with the pot holes and soft conditions that were experienced in the last few years. According to Ray, the crew put down approximately 100 cubic yards of salt which was provided to the BLM by the Intrepid potash plant. Ray says that they tried to spread the salt out to about 6 inches thick. The timing should be good because Intrepid began pumping brine for this year's salt laydown on Friday, Feb. 22. This should help the salt to harden up later on.

Russ Draper at Intrepid said they anticipate putting out 350,000 tons of salt over the next month or so of the laydown effort, possibly even more. On Friday, the brine concentration was measured at about 24%. By Tuesday morning when the BLM were spreading their salt, the flooding was well underway at the access road, it looked like salt was already starting to drop out of solution. This is great news for the flats and for HellFire. We'll keep you posted with further updates.

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