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HellFire 17 Motor Use Review

Graphical Representation of Motors Used During HellFire 17 Graphical Representation of Motors Used During HellFire 17

During HellFire 17 we fired 317 motors of various sorts over 4 days. Overall skewed more to high power on Friday as one might expect during the Research launch.  The predominant motor was "I" class impulse - many fewer C and below unlike previous years. We're all getting aggressive in our old age.

Total Engines fired 371
A -14 0
A -12 1
A - 15
B - 16
C - 41
D - 23
E - 23
F - 28
G - 52
H - 45
I - 56
J - 34
K - 21
L - 9
M - 5
N - 1
O - 1

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