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Launch Equipment

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UROC has an excellent inventory of launch range support equipment. Below is a list of most of it. If you have a special project that requires special support equipment please contact us to see if we can accomodate you.

Launch Pads

We have a number of pads that can accomodate rockets from 1 ounce to 100 pounds. if you have special needs for specialized launch gear please make your own arrangements prior to coming out to a launch.

Launch Control System

UROC utilizes a custom relay-based system launch system. The system is cluster capable as well as flash bulb safe. UROC also provides a MissileWorks wireless launch controller at the away cell for our high power launches.

Hybrid Launch Equipment

UROC owns a Hypertek Hybrid launch system that is compatible with Hypertek, SkyRipper and RATTWorks motors. We have a fill stem for most hybrid motor except the L and M size Hyperteks. There will be a usage fee for anyone using the system to cover the cost of the Nitrous Oxide.

Public Address System

The Public address system is used at the UROC public launches. The Launch Control Officer broadcasts the status of the ranges as well as statistics and countdown information for each launch. The system is also used to make announcements and alerts.

Family Radio Service Radios

Family Radio Service (FRS) Channel 1 (no PL) will be designated the emergency channel. FRS Channel 5 (no PL) will be designated the lost rocket channel. If someone finds a rocket in the brush they can report it on this channel. If someone can't find theirs they can coordinate with other searchers who may have seen their rocket.

Port - a - Potty

We try to have mobile restroom facilities on hand that will be ample for the duration of the event. However, if the weather is questionable or the launch is expected to be small we may not have a potty on site. Please check the website prior to coming out to find out if we will be supplying one.

First Aid Supplies

UROC maintains a well-equipped first-aid kit designed for most minor injuries. The First Aid tent is located near range center next to the Registration area. The tent is clearly marked with a First Aid sign.

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