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Nike Smoke

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nikelogo David Spencer's beautful Polecat brand Nike Smoke is making its way back out to the salt this year. It is 10" in diameter and measures up at 11' 8" tall.

The rocket boasts a 98 mm motor mount (2/3 scale). The big Nike Smoke weighs in at about 51 lbs loaded. Deployment is done by a BlackSky AltAcc2 and a MissileWorks RRC2. He is planning to launch it again at Hellfire with an Aerotech M1419. According to David, the other Nikes will also probably fly at Hellfire, and will be on display with the big one.

The 5.5" dia  54 mm (1/3 scale) is another Polecat Aerospace kit, he has flown it about a dozen times on motors ranging from an I284 to an AMW K670GG. David will probably fly it on a K550WL or K670GG with an expected altitude around 6000'. 

The two small Nikes: a Quest kit 1.4" dia. 18mm (1/12 scale), and the tiny one is a scratch-built 0.3" dia. (1/55 scale) micromaxx with altitudes reaching a whopping 150' or so.  David certified level 3 with it at LDRS 26 on an M1297 Aerotech motor.  

View a video of the launch at LDRS 26

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