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Pioneer 2009 Regional Results Featured

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ImageUROC’s annual Pioneer regional meet was held at the Pony Express Test Range on May 16th and 17th. The weather for both days was excellent. Turnout allowed the event to be considered a regional event. Here are the results for each of the competitions.

A Parachute Duration: Parachute duration did not get the participation that we had hoped, but there were some very impressive flights.

C Division
1st: Matt Steele  218 seconds
2nd: Steve Anderson  9 seconds

1st: Dizzy Dog  555 seconds
2nd: Bofus  55 seconds

D Boost-glider Duration: This event is always a difficult task, but the contestants proved they could do it. Most entries were Edmonds kits. Bruce and Sally Bell both had DeeCee Thunders. The other entries were Deltie Thunders flown by Steve Anderson and the Bofus team of Frank and Dot Hunt.

C Division
1st: Matt Steele  265 seconds
2nd: Bruce Bell  199 seconds
3rd: Sally Bell  78 seconds
4th: Steve Anderson  67 seconds

1st: Bofus  42 seconds
2nd: Dizzy Dog  16 seconds

E Dual Eggloft Duration: All but Matt Steele used variations of OPUS designs. Only Dizzy Dog was able to get one to work properly.

C Division
1st: Matt Steele  94 seconds
2nd: Steve Anderson  EGG
dq: Debbie Williams  SEP/SEP

1st: Dizzy Dog  161 seconds
2nd: Bofus  33 seconds

Sport Scale: Some really nice craftsmanship was seen in this event.

C Division
1st: Matt Steele  -  Astrobee 1500  815 points
2nd: Bruce Bell  -  IQSY Tomahawk  795 points
3rd: Steve Anderson  -  A4/V2  696 points

1st: Dizzy Dog  -  Aries 1  870 points
2nd: Bofus  -  Saturn 1B  325 points

Open Spot Landing: This was the event that relied mostly on luck. The spot was randomly picked and marked with a bright blue plastic Pringles™ can found on the premises. Of rather disconcerting observation: the can was riddled with bullet holes from previous target practice…

C Division:
1st: Matt Steele  5.6 m
2nd: Debbie Williams  25.6 m
3rd: Neal Baker  37.8 m
4th: Tobin Yehle  43.6 m
5th: Michelle Baker  47.5 m
fp:  Steve Anderson  >50 m
dq:  Bruce Bell  SEP

1st: Dizzy Dog  15.6 m
2nd: Bofus  27.6 m

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