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UFO 2011 NAR Regional Meet, October 15, 2011 Featured

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On a spectacular fall day, 12 contestants gathered at Frank Hunt field to fly a number of challenging events at the UROC UFO 2011 NAR Regional Meet. This was one of the larger meets in recent history.

The first event was the most popular, Set Duration. In this event, everyone tries to come closest to the pre-determined time, in this case, 55 seconds. It turns out that a flight of close to a minute is hard to do. In C division (adults 18 and older), Matt Steele took top honors, with a score only three seconds over the target for a 5.4% error. Third place went to Robert Clark with a 49% error (-27 seconds), while Megan Marion was just behind in 4th with a 54% error (-30 seconds). Cathy Redd managed to catch a thermal and stayed up for 176 seconds, resulting in a whopping 220% error! Steve Anderson suffered the same fate, scoring a 112% error on a thermal-aided flight.


Team Awesome (Katie and Cassidy Steele) beat the Dizzy Dog Team (Randy Redd and Fred Williams) to take first in the Team Division. The Dizzy Dogs only had a flight of 3 seconds, but that short flight only resulted in a 94.5% effort, so it was better to have a short flight than a long one.

Sport Scale saw some exceptional models. First place went to Robert Morstadt's Nike Hercules. Robert was a few points in static judging, but his four-engine cluster flight gave him enough mission points to power him to the win. The model was well painted and detailed, and had a perfect, arrow straight flight. Second place went to Matt Steele with an Argo D4 Javelin, and Bruce Bell took third with a well-done IQSY Tomahawk. Steve Anderson's Raven took fourth. Only 85 points separated the models after Fred Williams finished static judging, showing how tight the competition was.

The Dizzy Dog Team flew their Explorer IV model. Fred Williams modeled the less popular Juno-1 vehicle instead of the better-known Explorer 1 version. Team Awesome flew a small Sandhawk for second place in Team Division.

C Streamer saw a number of good flights. Bruce Bell hooked up with the thermal of the day and had a 183 second (3+ minutes) flight. Combined with his previous flight of 96 seconds, Bruce easily won the event with a combined total of 279 seconds. The Dizzy Dog team took second with a 134 second flight (there were no other team entries in this event), and Kathy Redd put a thermal to good use for a 74 second flight and 3rd place. Matt Steele had two good flights that could've placed second, but he failed to find and return either of his models in the tall grass. Matt had to settle for flight points.

A BG was a two-person contest, with Matt Steele's total of 60 seconds besting Bruce Bell's 44 second total.

G Eggloft Altitude was the big event that everyone see, and it ended up a two-man contest as well. Matt flew a G40 powered model to a good flight and saw it land. Despite seeing the large model land northeast of the range, he could not find or return the model for a qualified flight (can you say "reward" if someone can bring back the altimeter?). Bruce found out that G engines can exceed the "speed of basswood" as the fins on his model shredded for a disqualification. Matt loaded his backup with a G80-10, a new egg, and borrowed an altimeter from Bruce to try again. This time, it looked and sounded like the egg surely cracked at ignition. The nose cone on the capsule came back sideways, but Matt had enough padding inside that the egg was unscratched. The model flew to 3,332 ft. (1013 meters) for a new NAR record.

The overall meet champion was Matt Steele, with 1890 points. The Dizzy Dog team was second, with 924 points, closely followed by Bruce Bell with 888 points. UROC scored 5,334 points for the national club standings.

Special thanks to our other first time flyers included Austin Clark and David Marion. We hope to hold the same events in the spring, so maybe even more folks will come and try their hand at the contest.

UFO 2011 Standings


G Egg Lofting Altitude

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 NR (0 m) 1013 1013 720
-- Bell, Bruce 20636 523 SHR   0 0


C Streamer Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 96 183 279 300
3 Redd, Cathy PEND 523 74   74 120
-- Steele, Matt 22961 523 135 NR 46 NR 0 30
T Division
2 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 134   134 180


A Boost Glider Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 11 49 60 540
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 32 12 44 324


Set Duration (55 sec)

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
A Division
-- Clark, Austin 93354 000 UNS   0 0
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 5.45% (58 s)   545 240
2 Steele, Robyn 46809 523 21.82% (67 s)   2182 144
3 Clark, Robert 93353 00 49.09% (28 s)   4909 96
4 Marion, Megan 92920 000 54.55% (25 s)   5455 48
5 Marion, David 89441 000 85.45% (8 s)   8545 24
6 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 94.55% (107 s)   9455 24
7 Anderson, Steve 60925 523 112.73% (117 s)   11273 24
8 Redd, Cathy PEND 523 220.0% (176 s)   22000 24
T Division
1 Team Awesome T-203 523 60.0% (22 s)   6000 240
2 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 94.55% (3 s)   9455 144


Sport Scale

PlaceContestantNumberSectionPrototypeStaticFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Morstadt, Robert 60107 523 Nike Hercules 690.0 160.0   85000 600
2 Steele, Matt 22961 523 Argo D4 Javelin 740.0 70.0   81000 360
3 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 IQSY Tomahawk 680.0 100.0   78000 240
4 Anderson, Steve 60925 523 Raven 655.0 100.0   75500 120
T Division
1 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 Explorer IV 620.0 100.0   72000 600
2 Team Awesome T-203 523 Sandhawk 390.0 100.0   49000 360


UFO 2011 Meet Champions


PlaceContestantNAR NumberSectionTotal Points
A Division
1 Clark, Austin 93354 000 0
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 1890
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 888
3 Morstadt, Robert 60107 523 600
4 Anderson, Steve 60925 523 144
4 Redd, Cathy PEND 523 144
4 Steele, Robyn 46809 523 144
5 Clark, Robert 93353 00 96
6 Marion, Megan 92920 000 48
7 Marion, David 89441 000 24
T Division
1 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 924
2 Team Awesome T-203 523 600
1 UROC   523 5334
2 IND   0 168
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