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Ken Eva Memorial Meet 2013 Report

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Ken Eva Memorial Launch Competitors Ken Eva Memorial Launch Competitors Cathy Redd

In the 1985-86 timeframe, a gentleman by the name of Ken Eva showed up on the flying field at local Utah meets. He was eager to fly and interested in improving his skills. Over the course of just a few meets, he had gone from an also-ran to a serious contender. Unfortunately, he contracted a rare form of liver cancer, and passed away all too young, leaving behind a wife, son and three daughters. In the spirit of remembering our friend, UROC’s first NAR regional meet of 2013 was held in his name.

The weather was calm and warm as the contest flyers met at Frank Hunt Field on May 4th to try their hand at three events: Scale, A Boost Glide, and F Dual Eggloft Altitude (Altimeter).

A Boost Glider saw a lot of interest from the flyers.  Steve Anderson brought out a trusty Flat Cat that boosted very nicely on both an A8-3 and an A10-3T, but his glider was a little nose heavy, resulting in a 20 second time and 4th place in C Division. Bruce Bell brought out some nice models for him & Sally to enter.  Sally’s model seemed to be the better of the two, notching two flights over 40 seconds and a total score of 83 seconds to take second place. Bruce managed a 22 second flight, then re-trimmed his glider to get a 33 second flight, and took third place with a score of 55 seconds.  Matt Steele won the even with very nice times of 66 and 78 seconds on his two flights for a 144 second total.

In the Team Division, the proxy team Riders on the Storm (Chas Russell & Pat McCarthy) flew for 44 seconds on their Xebec glider to outpace the Dizzy Dog Team (Randy Redd & Fred Williams) with 8 seconds.

F Dual Eggloft Altitude (Altimeter) was the meet’s most challenging event.  The goal is to fly two eggs to the highest altitude possible on an F motor, and then return the eggs and a NAR-approved altimeter back safely. Frank Hunt Field’s hard, unforgiving ground requires a fairly soft landing to avoid breaking the eggs at touchdown. If you mess up, there are omelets for everyone! As it was, three of the four entries in the event broke an egg at least once.

In C Division, Bruce Bell flew an F25-6 model to a hard landing that cracked both eggs. Matt Steele flew a straight up F50-9 flight to and altitude of 688 meters. After a long walk to the other side of the road to retrieve the model under its large orange parachute, Matt returned both eggs intact to set a new national record.

In Team Division, Randy planted a model firmly on the other side of the road, and ended up losing both the eggs and the expensive altimeter. Fred flew the team’s backup model to a 368m flight. The Riders of the Storm had a good first flight on an F27-8 Redline motor, but broke the top egg. Their second flight on an F28-8 Blue Thunder motor proved to be enough to win with a 383m flight.

The last event on the schedule was Scale. In combined A/B division, Cassidy Steele won the event with a nice D12 powered flight of her Sandhawk, edging Mackinnon Balding’s Little John and Zander Moody’s SM-3. 

In C Division, Matt Steele’s Bumper Wac won the event with a nice two stage flight (810 points). It was followed by Bruce Bell’s nice IQSY Tomahawk (665 pts) and Steven Anderson’s 3rd place Raven (640 pts). Robyn Steele’s Nike Smoke ended up in 4th.

In Team division, the Riders on the Storm Trailblazer II planted itself in the hard ground when the engine mount ejected. This handed the victory to the Dizzy Dog Team’s IQSY Tomahawk with 710 points.

The C division meet champion was Matt Steele, followed by Bruce Bell and Steve Anderson, while the Dizzy Dog Team, with a big win in Scale, took the team title. UROC grabbed 7,428 points for the national club standings.

Special thanks go out to Cathy Redd and Debbie Williams for helping with the timing.

Our next meet will be on June 1 (7:30AM start time) with Sport Scale, F Dual Eggloft Altitude (Altimeter), and A Streamer Duration (multi-round). Hope to see you there! 



PlaceContestantNumberSectionPrototypeStaticFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
A Division
2 Balding, Mackinnon 93363 523 Little John 195.0 100.0   29500 576
3 Moody, Zander 91934 523 Standard Missile 180.0 100.0   28000 384
B Division
1 Steele, Cassidy 81474 523 Sandhawk 630.0 95.0   72500 960
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 Bumper Wac 675.0 135.0   81000 960
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 IQSY Tomahawk 565.0 100.0   66500 576
3 Anderson, Steven 60925 523 Raven 520.0 120.0   64000 384
4 Steele, Robyn 46809 523 Nike Smoke 500.0 100.0   60000 192
T Division
1 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 IQSY Tomahawk 610.0 100.0   71000 960
-- Riders of the Storm Team T-203 000 Trailblazer II 640.0 0.0   0 0


F Dual Egg Lofting Altitude

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 690   690 900
-- Bell, Bruce 20636 523 EGG   0 0
T Division
1 Riders of the Storm Team T-203 000 EGG 383 383 900
2 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 PRG 368 368 540


A Boost Glider Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 66 78 144 540
2 Bell, Sally 85169 523 40 43 83 324
3 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 22 33 55 216
4 Anderson, Steven 60925 523 8 12 20 108
T Division
1 Riders of the Storm Team T-203 000 44   44 540
2 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 8   8 324


Ken Eva Memorial Meet 2013 Meet Champions


PlaceContestantNAR NumberSectionTotal Points
A Division
1 Balding, Mackinnon 93363 523 576
2 Moody, Zander 91934 000 384
B Division
1 Steele, Cassidy 81474 523 960
C Division
1 Steele, Matt 22961 523 2400
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 792
3 Anderson, Steven 60925 523 492
4 Bell, Sally 85169 000 324
5 Steele, Robyn 46809 000 192
T Division
1 Dizzy Dog Team T-033 523 1824
2 Riders of the Storm Team T-203 000 1440
1 UROC   523 7044
2 IND   0 2340
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