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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 21:43

UROC Fall Open (UFO) Arrives

UROC's Fall Open (UFO) NAR Contest is scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 12th. The event will start at 8:30am and finish up by noon.

This launch is ONLY for people competing in the competition, no high power flights will be taking place.

narlogo150Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

Here’s a list of the contest Events:

There will be a $5.00 entry fee to help cover costs of the trophies and ribbons. 

No porta potty will be onsite for this launch.

Launch Site Information


Thursday, 14 October 2004 03:02

Meeting Minutes: October 2004

Neal Baker called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  Introductions of the officers were made.  New member Jason Hess and his son Taylor were introduced. 

The treasurer?s report was given by Dot Hunt.

Frank Hunt gave the NAR report.  There was an update on the litigation with the BATF.  NAR conveyed thanks for the money donated to the legal fund.

Tripoli report was given by Kent Spillman.  He echoed the remarks by Frank about the litigation.  He also reported that there were 4 level 1?s attained at Hellfire and 1 level 1 at the last launch.

Neal Baker then reviewed some rocket ?Engineering Terms?.  If you weren?t there, you missed out!

LDRS ? 24 was then discussed.  It will be held in Alberta, Canada on July 14-19, 2005.  The club voted to allow the Canada club to borrow our launch pads and sound system.  The field was discussed and pictures of the area were shown.  Motor importation was discussed.  Pre-registration was discussed.  For more information check out the LDRS-24.org website or go through the link on the Tripoli web site.  It was encouraged that all UROC members who can, go and support our Canadian neighbors.

Arrangements are being made for the boy scouts to attend a launch in September 2005.  The club committed to help Drake Kirkham who is organizing the event.  There are expected to be 175-200 boy scouts.  They will camp at the site and build a rocket on Friday night and fly it on Saturday.

Dave Urbanek then discussed the club contests.  He suggested the name Prize Flights.  He discussed how it would work, he suggested some contests, discussed the benefits, procedures, and recognition.  There was much discussion about the program.  It was decided to go forward with the program and to set up a committee to work with Dave to iron out the details.  It will hopefully start with the flying year 2005 (March 2005).  If anyone is interested in being on the committee, they can contact Dave.

Neal Baker then showed some videos.  (There might be links from the UROC website.)  He showed a 2.4 ghz connection from a rocket web cam.  It was very clear and very cool.  He also showed an I-Soar.  A digital camera in movie mode.  Then he showed us a steam rocket being made by a group in England.  You had to see it!  Their website was as funny as the video!

Neal Baker then brought up the subject of more rails needed at the launch site.  The matter was discussed.  A vote was taken and $200 was approved for the purchase toward four 6-foot rails and two 8-foot rails.

Prizes were then given out.  Drake Kirkham gave all the youth at the meeting a poster.  Woody got the ?big? rocket and we are all waiting to see him fly something that size!

Show and tell was then held.  Chris Baker showed his Stealth rocket that will fly on an E motor.  Everyone decided Randall Redd would like it!  He also showed his Quasar rocket. Dean Johnson showed his Endeavor ? short and long versions! Taylor Hess showed off his Green Machine.

The next launch will be October 16th.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Thursday, 02 September 2004 18:00

Meeting Minutes: September 2004

UROC club meeting
September 2, 2004

Neal Baker called the meeting to order.
He reminded us that the minutes are posted on the web and everyone should read them.

The NAR report was given by Frank Hunt.  He showed us the new pamphlet NAR has put out.  It tells about NAR and gives reasons to join.  It was decided to report to the NAR that we would like a small space left blank so the club could put their sticker or stamp on the pamphlet. Frank also showed the gifts you can get on the UROC web site.  He displayed a license plate frame reading ? ?My other car is a rocket?.

The UROC kit was discussed.  Brian Mogensen (inventor of the kit) was present and Frank showed the April 1997 newsletter where the plans could be found.  It was suggested that the plans be put on the web site.  Three finished models were shown.

Tripoli report was given by Kent Spillman. There has been very little news or activity coming out of Tripoli HQ.

The Treasurer's report was given by Dot Hunt.  Hellfire finances were discussed.  We had 52 flyers with 17 of those registering on site.  It was mentioned that the BLM was present at Hellfire and they took pictures and collected information.  Next year there may be fees imposed on vendors.

There was discussion about Hellfire.  What was good and what could be improved.  Some of the comments were:

? The experimental launch would have been better without the wind.
? Spectators thought the experimental launch was slow.
? Good Hellfire ? best ever.
? Drop in attendance this year.
? Lots of time to shop at vendors

Sept. 30 ? Oct 3 there is a launch in California.  They are planning an ?M? motor drag race.   They plan on 35 ?M? motors!

The Balls launch is planning a full scale Honest John.
Dale Dillon is having a rocket sale on Sat. Sept 4th from 9 AM to Noon.

Neal then brought up the question of what can we do to increase attendance?

It was discussed at length.  Suggestions were:

? Have more newsletter articles about club members.
? Need volunteers to write articles and demonstrate at meetings.
? Hold a board meeting for the business early and have demonstrations at the general meeting.
? Distribute more flyers to hobby stores.
? Give press releases to the media.
? Mentors for new members.
? Have benchmarks ?recognition for  levels people can achieve other than level 1, 2, 3.
? Have a snowball contest throughout the year.
? Give awards at the Christmas party.
? Hold crazy contests
? Get suggestions from club members for newsletter articles.
? Hold a BBQ after the launch.
? Have more support and information about rocket accessories.
? Hold a swap meet.

It was decided Dave Urbanek will work on Benchmarks for club members. He will present the program at the October club meeting.

A committee for a club project (the UROC kit) will be Bryan Mogensen and Dennis Petersen.

The November club meeting will be by Dennis Petersen.  He will demonstrate do a more in depth demonstration of Rocsim.

Newsletter articles will be done by Cathy Redd, Dave Urbanek, and Neal Baker.

Brian Jarvis will provide a theme for the September launch.

Dennis Petersen reported that Apogee has an affiliate program.  Neal will investigate and put at link on the website.  The club would benefit from any Apogee sales through the UROC website.

Prizes were given away.

Show and tell was a black and red rocket by Kent Spillman.  He reported that with the rocsim program it came within 200 feet of predicted altitude.  The rocket was modified to have double air starts.  In the nose was an Olsen altimeter.  It will fly on an H-268 motor.
There were 13 in attendance and the meeting was adjourned at 8:45.

Monday, 12 July 2004 05:44

Meeting Minutes: July 2004

Neal Baker opened the meeting at 7:10 pm. 

Dot Hunt gave the treasurer?s report.  $2,593.99 is the balance in the account.

Frank Hunt gave the NAR report.  NARAM 46 is in Virginia.  Updates on where the launches are in the NAR newsletter. Donate to the NAR legal fund.  The Section of the year award was mentioned.

Kent Spillman gave the Tripoli report that there was no news to report.

Hellfire was discussed.  The application for waiver has been submitted.  The Tooele waiver submitted and the deposit are in.  The BLM copy of insurance and deposit will go in July 2nd.  The BLM insurance from Tripoli will be taken care of. The Rainbow Hotel has given UROC a special deal.  Call before the 22nd.  Good pricing Thursday and Sunday nights.  Look on the website for details, and talk to Teresa.  They want 50 people to sign up for rooms.
Sponsors and vendors coming ? Scott, What?s Up Hobbies, Rocky Mountain Rocketry, Some Dude?s Hobby (Go see his store!), Landon?s launch Pad, and others. Jamie Bradley reported that SkyCall has donated Sky Phones again.
A need for :  T-shirts, Barricades, and Food  was discussed. Some of the things coming out are:  Jerry Hughes will fly 3 inch hardware.  Woody will fly an ?N? class motor. Hats with the UROC logo were discussed.  Garrett Waldroup has a connection and will have them for about $20. August meeting will be held at the Salt Flats.

The July launch will be held on the 17th.  Saturday only.  We will clean the equipment while we are out there ? thus it will be a short launch.  No Porta Potty on site.

Steve Anderson talked about range duty.  One hour shifts were suggested.  Sign up?s on the web site.  We need more people to do range duty.

The ?Launch Committee? was discussed.  The feeling was that it is not working very well.  Suggestions were solicited on how to help those that take down every launch.  Appreciation was expressed for those that stay and help take down.

Fred Williams awarded trophies for Pioneer.  The Team champion award went to Dave Urbanek and Michael Funk.  Steve Anderson was C Division Reserve Champion and Jack Whitby was A Division Reserve Champion.  Congratulations!  (C div. & A div. Champions were from Colorado)

Prizes were given out while Tim Boschert set up his presentation on experimental motors.  You had to be there to see it!!!  Great visuals and an interesting presentation were given.  Thanks Tim!

Show and Tell found Austin Overmoe telling us about his red rocket that had blue fins!  We can?t wait to see it fly!

Thursday, 13 May 2004 05:12

Meeting Minutes: May 2004

UROC minutes from the 5-6-04 meeting

President Neal Baker opened the meeting.

NAR business ? Frank Hunt read the letter concerning the latest ruling in regards to hobby rocketry and the BATFE. Judge Walton agreed with the NAR interpretation of the law concerning assembled rocket motors being defined as PAD (propellant actuated devices)..

Tripoli business ? Kent Spillman reminded us to be nice to the ATF and to remember that our position .

Dave Fullmer from the Sanpete County Fly-in told us all about it.  The event will be held at the Mt. Pleasant Airport on June 5 ? 12.  UROC?s Rocket demonstration will be on June 5th. 

Thursday, 14 April 2011 01:00

Pioneer 2011 Takes Place in May

The Utah Rocket Club's annual spring competition known as Pioneer 2011 is quickly approaching. The event will take place on Saturday, May 21. You must be an NAR or Junion NAR member to compete.

NAR model rocket competition is a fun and challenging way to improve your craftsmanship and flying skills individually or as a part of a team. It is an activity that emphasizes patience, skill, and sportsmanship.Any current NAR member can participate in NAR sanctioned competition. 

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