Tuesday, 09 December 2003 17:00

New TAP Member Featured

Paul Kusal (Current president of UROC) has been nominated and accepted as Utah?s newest TAP member. Paul?s appointment to the TAP committee was based on a nomination by the Prefect of the prospective TAP Member?s region, (in this case Tracy (Woody) Woods). Paul joins the ranks of Brad Overmoe and Dale Dillon who are also TAP Members for Utah.

TAP or (Tripoli Advanced Projects) Committee members are tasked with the responsibility of guiding and providing support to rocketeers that are attempting to certify Level III through the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

TAP Members may also be called upon to provide training, workshops, and advice throughout the community. These services may be applied to Tripoli Members, educators, school groups, and social organizations. The services may include design information, construction techniques, pre-flight activities, recovery techniques, post-flight analysis, etc. Essentially, the TAP provides the core for HPR education.

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