Friday, 05 December 2003 17:00

UROC Holiday Blasted Featured

UROC's traditional Christmas party took place as scheduled on Thursday, December 4th at the Columbus Center in Salt Lake. Cathy Redd took on the planning and preparation for this event as she did last year. She cooked up some very delicious ham that was to be complemented by the numerous "Pot Luck" dishes that members brought.

There was a ton of food! Everything from chips, to casseroles, to salads, to cakes, to pizza! It was all great, and by the end of the night, very little was left. Once again, Cathy had done a tremendous job in planning and foresight. Nobody went away hungry, and nobody took tons home either, it was perfect.

The night started off quietly, with people finding tables of friends to sit with and enjoying the feast. In the background, Christmas songs could be heard. These songs were accompanying a great slide show of UROC's last few years of launches and activities. Drake Kirkham put the excellent presentation together. Everyone got a kick out of looking back at events and people from UROC?s history.

As people began to finish their stomach stuffing sessions, it was time for the raffle and Model Contest to begin. This year, we had some very generous prizes donated by folks like Art Applewhite Rocketry, Mr. Fiberglass, Mitch Adamson, Claire Monte Seely, and others. Our president (the esteemed Paul Kusal) took on the emcee duties on and asked all of the Christmas Rocket contest entrants to bring their rockets up to the front of the room. There were some fantastic entrants this year and considerably more of them than we've seen in years. Each rocket was judged by a round of applause. In the end, the second loudest applause went to Tim Boschert with his bristle-nose-coned rocket and the loudest shouts and claps were heard for little Scotty Danner?s Christmas rocket with working lights. Scotty isn't even as tall as the Aerotech kit that he received for his excellent creation. The raffle prizes seemed to go on forever and by the end of the evening there wasn't a frown in the hall.

The last order of duty was the nominations for officers for the upcoming 2004 year. (The actual elections will be held in January.) It was announced that additional nominations will be accepted up to the January meeting. As it stands now, Scott Danner is running uncontested for Vice President, Dot Hunt is running for Treasurer, and Mitch Adamson, Neal Baker, and Ron Weigel are up for president.

The Columbus center facility was again perfect. Cathy Redd had arranged for us to get this place this year after the positive experience we'd had the year before. Once again, it fit us just right. I'm sure we'll be back again next year. I'm sure I speak for all of the members when I extend many thanks to Cathy Redd (and everyone else that helped her) for all of her hard work making this event so nice. It really is something that we've all come to look forward to every year.

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