Tuesday, 14 September 2004 11:59

UROC Makes Appearance at Balls Featured

The UROC crew of Ron Weigel, Jerry Hughes and Jack Blair made the journey out to Balls this year to try out their newest project called "More Bad Wiring".

This behemoth flew on a central O4500 and 4 M's. Two of the Ms (M2200) were lit while on the ground along with the O motor. Then, at aproximately 5 seconds into the flight the 2 M1600's  ignited. The launch worked perfectly and the unit seperated into two pieces at apogee as planned. Everything lit and flew well with a total impulse of around a P9000!

The recovery of the lower half of the rocket had a problem.  At apogee the fin can was spinning and spun the drogue line around like a spool of thread, so it prevented the main section's 35 foot military pilot chute from deploying fully.  The upper section recovered perfectly using a SkyAngle Cert 3 Chute.

The rocket was 14" in diameter and transitioned to 10" at about 13ft up. The overall length of "More Bad Wiring" was about twenty feet.  The rocket contained  2 Olsen altimeters in the lower section, 2 in the upper section, all of these were for recovery. The air starts were controlled by a MissileWorks PET timer. The total weight of the entire rocket was around 300 lbs.  The peak altitude was about 8500 feet.

Great project guys!


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