Monday, 11 December 2000 17:00

UROC Christmas Party is a Hit!

The annual UROC Christmas party was as usual, not to be missed.

The UROC Christmas Party was better than any Christmas Party of recent memory.  There was plenty of food, it was affordable for everyone, there was plenty of room and, best of all, it was lots of fun.Last year's party, as good as it was, had it's problems. 

We had a heck of a time finding a place to hold the party and the room we got turned out to be way too small.  This year, we vowed to do better.  I think we more than succeeded.Debbie Williams secured us a huge room at the Legacy Retirement Inn in the middle of the Salt Lake Valley.  She also scared up the needed tables and chairs from her church.  Julia Metcalfe got to work on the food and decorations.  She came up with everything, plates, pasta and centerpieces for an incredible price and organized all the cooking stuff.The little Christmas trees and edible rocket center-pieces made the whole room festive. 

We had pasta out of our ears, garlic bread, lasagne and pizza.  UROC members then contributed salads and desert.  We could have eaten and eaten until we all looked like Santa Claus.So, with lots of yummy food in our bellies, we got down to the serious business of socializing and talking about our favorite subject, Rockets.  For me the highlight was Mike Hellmund bringing a couple of photo models from his days at Estes.  As a kid, I remember spending many an hour gazing at those catalogs with longing.  Now I got the opportunity to actually handle the actual rockets pictured in those catalogs.Santa Claus made an appearance, much to the delight of the kids and handed out many a goody to all the good kids. 

Funny thing, it turns out that all the UROC kids had been good this year.  Imagine that!For once, Randall Redd didn't sweep the Christmas OddRoc contest.  Our other master of OddRocs, Mel Sadler, took the honors.  His Christmas tree with lights edged out Randall Redd's Pogo the Flying Penguin and Julia Metcalfe's Snowman to take first place.  We also had a Grinch-Stuck-In-A-Rocket, a Santasaurus, flying angel, flying candlestick and a whole bunch more.The white elephant exchange was a hit as well.  There were enough presents to go around and most folks had enough warning that they knew to bring something to participate.  I think there were a number of gifts that were over the $5.00 guideline, but what the heck, it's Christmas.  Everyone was feeling generous.After that, the door prizes got underway.  The Wood family really went to town on this one, I think every single member of the Ellis Wood family got a door prize.  There were tons, and tons of door prizes this year, some donated by local retailers, some purchased by UROC and some donated by UROC members.

With all the food, decoration and such, you would have thought clean-up would have been a bear, but it wasn't.  Lots and lots of helping hands pitched in and everything was cleaned up in no time.What a night.  Special thanks go to Julia Metcalfe and Debbie Williams for organizing the party.  Julia got a lot of help from her friends as well.  Thanks to everyone who put this fantastic party together.Merry Christmas to all and may you all find cool rocket stuff under your Christmas tree

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