Wednesday, 10 January 2001 17:00

UROC's 2001 Year Begins

At the January meeting of UROC we had several important issues to discuss and go over. As we gear up for the 2001 flying season it's once again time to elect our officers for the upcoming year. Nominations for positions were held at the January meeting and are as follows:

President: Neal Baker, Larry Holmes
Vice Pres: Dan Holmes, Greg Vose, Michael Funke
Treasurer: Dot Hunt
Secretary: Dot Hunt
Equip Mgr: Bryan Mogensen

The election for these positions will be held at the February 1st meeting of UROC. Of course unless there are any other last minute nominations for treasurer, secretary, or equipment manager then Bryan and Dot are in for the year. Tripoli Utah will also be holding their nominations and elections for Prefect for the 2001 year at the February UROC meeting.

We urge anyone that is a Tripoli member to make sure to attend the meeting so that you can vote on this important position. Additionally during the January meeting we also determined the dates for each of the launch events that UROC will be holding over the next 12 months. Highlights of the coming year include the NAR's National Sport Launch that UROC is hosting in May and as always, HellFire, which comes up in September of this year. Make sure to check out our calendar for a month by month run down of all the activities UROC has planned. 

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