Thursday, 10 March 2005 04:25

Demo Launch takes off! Featured

There are some new pictures posted in the march 2005 folder in the Photo Gallery. These are from the "Davis Reads" demonstration launch that we helped with on March 9, 2005. Mr. Homer Hickam (author of Rocket Boys/October Skies and many other books) was on hand. Additionally we recieved some good media coverage from channels, 4, 5, and 13 as well as the SLC Tribune and Des News. We'll keep you posted as the articles show up in the papers.

A quick thanks to everyone that helped on this one; Tim Boschert, Steve Anderson, Corwin Craw, Michelle Baker, Randall and Cathy Redd, and especially Mitch Adamson and Scott Danner. Mitch provided all of the launch equipment and most of the demo flights as well. They did a superb job and the students and faculty were impressed. We launched about 15 student built rockets and several demo flights. Mr. Hickam watched all of the launches and was very impressed with our club and its members. Great job guys!

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