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Utah students learning the excitement of space Featured

Editor's Note: We need volunteers to help out with this demo launch on Friday (April 8th) If you can help out, please contact the webmaster.

Anyone old enough to recall the news about Sputnik in October 1957 will also remember the shock waves of disbelief that rattled the country. In the evening, a kitchen radio broadcast the strange "beep, beep, beep" of the satellite transmission. People stood on front lawns peering at the stars, hoping for a glimpse of the satellite.

How could the Russians have achieved what American science could not? Stunned educators beefed up science and math courses. And it worked. Space was the engine that powered many fields of scientific research. Today, America leads the world in everything from DNA studies to exploration of the deepest realms of space.  But the United States may have begun to slip backward, toward a scientific eclipse. Through lack of interest or perhaps because there is no longer a sense of urgency, important programs like the Hubble Space Telescope are losing support. 

Utah Space Week, which begins today, is an effort to energize science education and show students from kindergarten through 12th grade how exciting science can be.

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