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HelFire 11 Announcements Featured

HellFire 11 is approaching. As we near we are completing plans for all of the items that need to take place before the launch can take place. Based on the planning committee meeting on Tuesday night here are some important notes about changes and plans for HellFire 11. Please take a minute and read this...

It's not too late to register. Please take a moment and register. It helps us out and saves you some of your precious mooolaaah... Register for HellFire now!

Hotel rooms

Every year we reserve rooms with a hotel in Wendover and every year we come in waaaay under our estimates on the number of rooms to book. This year (as we did last year) we have a group of rooms reserved at the Rainbow hotel and Casino. Because of the lack of response from our attendees so far they have cut back the number of rooms there are available for us. What this means is if you are coming out to HellFire, call them today and book your room. The weekend of HellFire is a busy weekend in Wendover and there's no guarantee you'll be able to get a room anywhere if you don't do it now. The rates we have been provided with by Rainbow are very good and the hotel is also very nice. Please book your room today. To book your room, call Teresa Naranjo in the hotel's Marketing Office at (800) 648-9660 Ext. 6658.  Tell her that you would like to reserve a room with the Utah Rocket Club Group under the code ?ROCKET? for Aug.4 , 2005 at the following rates: $29.95 w/tax $34.74-Thurs, $69.95 w/tax $81.12-Fri, $79.95 w/tax $92.74-Sat . (Please note Marketing Office hours are 8AM-5PM Mon-Fri.) Please note that the cut off date to make your reservations is July 28, 2005.


We have recieved our approved waivers for all four days of the event. However, due to military operations near the approach corridor over the flats we will be limited to 10,000 feet AGL on Thursday and Friday of the event. Saturday and Sunday will both have windows available upon request to 25,000 feet AGL. Please plan accordingly.

Range Setup

We need some additional bodies to help us with the setup on the Flats on Thursday morning. If you can make it out to help us set up the site please contact us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know when you can be there. We are planning on meeting near the flats at 10:00am on Thursday morning. Of course, everyone that helps set up will be eligible to win some great prizes.


Speaking of prizes, Frank Whitby has done a tremendous job in convincing vendors in our hobby to help support our event. The vendors have really come through this year and provided some excellent material for our raffle, contest awards, and more.

Casing Request

John Borget plans on putting up his Extreme rocket on an Aerotech M1297 at Hellfire this year. However he does not have a 75MM X 5120 casing available to his this year. If there is somebody out there willing to allow him to borrow there casing? He can be reached by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Vendor Alert

Scott Ulrey (Just Rockets) wanted to let everyone that everyone that made preorders with Just Rockets (28) people, that he will be on the flats by noon on Thursday and will be there till dark. He also wanted to thank the UROC gang for the overwhelming support. If you can't make it out on Thursday don't worry, he will be leaving the motors that are not picked up with us for you to pick up when you do arrive. he is also planning on being at the November 19th launch for sure.

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