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Rocketry Class for 4th-5th Graders

youthclassesmain.jpgUROC's own Frank Whitby will be the instructor for this two-day rocketry workshop designed for 4th and 5th graders. This class is put on by the Utah Museum of Natural History.

In the class, the kids will build and launch their own rocket! This class is for kids who are already familiar with model building. Students are not required to have any prior experience with launching model rockets, but should be comfortable building a model on their own.

Part 1 (November 11) The Basics: Explore advanced rocketry design and flight as well as build an advanced model rocket. Students will learn to build a strong and safe rocket. This class will take place at the Utah Museum of Natural History. Parents need not stay for the building workshop.

Part 2 (November 18) Launch Day!: With parents, meet at the Pony Express Test Range (PETR), used by the Utah Rocket Club for monthly launches. With the advice of club members, you will learn how to evaluate weather conditions, choose a safe place for launching, select an appropriate rocket motor, and properly prepare for the safe launch and recovery of your rocket. Your parents must drive you to and from the Test Range (west of Lehi) and stay with you for the launch day. Driving instructions will be provided upon registration. Participants will meet at the PETR site at 10:00 am.

Price for the class is $80.00 child. Museum members receive a discount on class registrations. You can become a member right now by clicking here.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop. On-line registration closes the Wednesday before the class is scheduled (November 8). If on-line registration is closed, please contact the UMNH reservationist for space availability at 581-5567.

Click Here for workshop registration and information

Location: Utah Museum of Natural History
Contact: UMNH Discovery Class Coordinator at (801) 585-3948
This is a Utah Museum of Natural History event not a Utah Rocket Club event.

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