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Festival of Trees

about.jpgThanks to all for your support of the Festival of Trees.   Dennis Petersen is the winner of the two tickets to the Festival of Trees. Congratulations Dennis, please contact Steve Anderson to arrange to get your tickets. A lot of children will benefit from the donations to this worthy cause. 

Remember all the proceeds from the sale of the trees goes to our very own Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC).  If I left someone out it was not intentional.

  • Fred & Deb Williams
  • Randy & Cathy Redd
  • Jim Yehle
  • Frank & Dot Hunt
  • Bruce Bell
  • Jon Wade
  • Dennis Petersen
  • One other cash donation (don't remember the name) 
  • Scott Ulrey-Just Rockets
  • Andy Woener-What's up Hobbies
  • Tim Thomas--Giant Leap Rocketry
  • Model Railroad Station Hobby Shop
  • Some Dude's Hobby Shop
  • Hammond Toys
  • Kaybee Toys

The tree is 9ft tall and we used many of the donated rockets either on the tree or under the tree.  Due to room constraints not all rockets were used but rockets were used from each donor.  The tree decoration scheme was designed by my wife (Jeanine) and decorated by her and myself.  It was after 8:00pm before we got out of there and we were supposed to be out by 7:00pm.  It is a lot of work but worth it for the benefit of the childern.

If you would like to, you can attend the festival at:

South Towne Exposition Center
9575 S. State, Sandy

The event runs from Nov. 29 - Dec. 2 from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.  Admission is $4.00 unless you under 11 then you get in for $2.50.  You may view the UROC tree at location P-22.





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