Tuesday, 05 June 2007 07:48

Certification Promos on Now!

timtTim Thomas of Giant Leap Rocketry (and a UROC flyer), would like to remind all the flyers at UROC that there are several Level 1,2 and 3 Certification Promo deals going on now! Tim writes: 

"Cesaroni has a very nice Level 1 Promotion. It has an H153 motor and the case for $20.00. This is a 38mm system and we have a pile of them in stock. Also from Cesaroni is the Level 2 Promo: A wonderful J285 and case for $60.00.

This case will also fly several other I and J loads, making it a very good deal. I only have 4 of these in stock so you might want to give me a buzz if you are thinking of a Level 2 flight.

From our friends at Aerotech; Level 1,2,and 3 Promos: First is the Level 1 promo, a H128 for $10.00. This is a 29/180. Level2, J350 (what a bad boy motor) for $25.00. Plus a Level3 offer of an M1297 for $300.00. None of the Aerotech offerings come with a case. You must supply your own. Which brings us to one last point. I have a full set of cases for any Aerotech or Cesaroni load from 18mm to 98mm. Anyone from UROC may borrow them, but there are 3 rules:

  • First, you must buy the load from Bruce at Rocket Dog or Tim at Giant Leap. Just trying to keep the money in the club!
  • Second, bring them back clean.
  • Third, you break or lose the case, it is yours.

I have been doing this for 18 months and I have never had a problem in Colorado or Utah. So, if there is a load you want to try or a Cert flight you are thinking about,we have you covered. "

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