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USU Chimaera Team to Launch at PETR Featured

chimaerateamUROC will be holding an impromptu launch this coming weekend (April 5th). The Utah State University Chimaera Rocket Team needs to do a test flight to fulfill the qualification requirements of the national competition put on by NASA known as the University Student Launch Initiative (USLI).

The competition will be held in Huntsville on the 19th of April. The competition includes 10 other universities. The competition is to design, build and launch a reusable high-power rocket that carries a scientific payload to an altitude of exactly one mile above ground. The motor chosen is a solid/liquid propellant hybrid.

USU’s team has a targeting computer inside that projects the rocket’s apogee and altitude and actively slows the over-shooting rocket accordingly using some pop-out flaps called air-brakes.

The rocket's name is the Barracuda, and the team consists of 10 undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Students, 4 graduate EE's, Shannon Eilers (the graduate student advisor/coach), and Dr. Tony Whitmore acting as the faculty advisor. 

More information about this project can be found at:

Because of the waiver being activated for this launch we thought it only fair that other UROC members should be allowed to fly as well. This is strictly a “Bring your own gear” type launch and will go from around 8:00am to early afternoon. The real flying will take place at the April 19th launch. This launch will be held as a Tripoli launch not a NAR launch.  

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