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Two Huge Scouting Events this Month

scoutlogoApparently, others are finally learning what we have known for years... Rockets are fun! UROC has been asked to assist with two very large scout events in the next couple of weeks. Bruce Bell has taken on the coordination and planning for these events (Thanks Bruce!) We would like to get as many UROC members in attendance at both events as possible. 

The event this weekend (Camp O Ree) takes place at the Miller Sports Park and will involve assisting a large number of scouts in launching their rockets as well as a few demo launches.

The event next weekend (Aerospace O Rama) will take place at the airport in Fairfield and will involve over 3000 scouts. The Aerospace O Rama will primarily involve static displays of our member's projects and a few demo launches.

Both of these events promise to provide a huge amount of publicity for our club and the hobby in general. If you would be available to help out with either of these events Bruce would love the help. Please contact him immediately for further clarification and instructions.

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  • Call Bruce at 801-250-5868
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