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A New L3CC for UROC's NAR Members Featured

homer1UROC is pleased to introduce Jack Anderson as our new NAR Level 3 Certification Committee (L3CC) member. Jack has been a member of our club for years and gained his own NAR Level 3 certification several years ago.

As long-time UROC flyer Allen Rollo states: "Jack has been a great member of our club and has been willing to share his experience with fellow club members."

UROC has been without an L3CC since our previous one left the club over 4 years ago. This has prevented members from pursuing their Level 3 certifications through NAR at UROC launches. Jack's acceptance into this committee by NAR supports our faith in Jack's abilities and knowledge.

One of our two TAP Members, Brad Overmoe writes: "We have many Level 3 flyers in our club but most have gone the Tripoli route. Jack obtained his Level 3 through NAR and thus is qualified to assist other NAR members advance within the organization. As a NAR L3CC member, Jack would be an asset to the committee and to our UROC club."

As you may or may not be aware, the Members of the Level 3 Certification Committee (L3CC) are appointed by the L3CC Chairperson to provide technical assistance and guidance to NAR Members in the design, construction and flying of rockets having a total impulse in the M, N and O ranges and for Certifying to NAR Cert Level 3.

Members of the L3CC must be NAR Members themselves and must have proven their competency in the design, construction, pre-flight and recovery of high impulse rockets. Jack has been very active in our club for many years and is an experienced rocket builder and flyer. He has flown at least half a dozen M motors at UROC launches as well as complex projects including two stage rockets and air started motors.

Another UROC Member, Frank Whitby writes about Jack: "Jack was the person with whom I consulted last year when I began to consider my own attempt at L3 certification because I wanted to build a large V2, similar to one of Jack’s. Jack provided me with scale data and a simulation to aid me in design and construction, for which I am grateful."

NAR members designing, building and planning to fly a rocket with a total impulse of M, N or O must provide sketches, drawings, design details, materials lists, schematics, etc. to their L3CC contact for review and comment prior to the desired launch date. The L3CC member will review the information provided and provide timely, constructive comments and guidance to the builder. The L3CC reviewer may also call upon others for specific expertise as required. L3CC Members must be capable of relating their knowledge to others as well as assist others and must be willing to commit to deadlines. They must be aware of, and follow all local, national and NAR HPR rules.

When you get a chance congratulate Jack on his acceptance into the committee and thank him for his willingness to help other members of UROC gain their own level 3 certifications.

Congratulations Jack!
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