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New Name for Pony Express Test Range... Featured

crowdThe Utah Rocket Club is very proud to honor one of its own. At the September member's meeting of  the Utah Rocket Club, it was put forth and decided upon that in recognition of Frank Hunt's decades of tireless service, the Utah Rocket Club would change the name of its main launch site from "Pony Express Test Range" to "Frank Hunt Field."

Frank was an original founder of the Utah Rocket Club (UROC) and was instrumental in obtaining the permissions from the government to use the land that the club flies from every month. He was the club's National Association of Rocketry advisor for over 20 years and as such was responsible for assisting hundreds of rocketeers in certifying through the various levels of the hobby.

Frank was instrumental in so much that has made UROC the organization it is today, because of his efforts, thousands of people have learned of and enjoyed the sport of rocketry. Through this small gesture of naming the launch site "Frank Hunt Field" we hope to keep Frank's memory alive and inspire others to continue in his efforts for years to come..

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