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Your UROC 2011 Officers Featured

uroclogo1The Utah Rocket Club's new officers were elected at the October 11 general meeting. We would like to thank all of the members of UROC that showed up at the meeting to help in this important decision. The current UROC President Fred Williams and who was not running again presided over the elections.

Due to some important things going on in Fred's life, he and Debbie (current secretary) will not be serving as club officers for the remainder of the 2010 year, instead, the new officers will be stepping up to the plate a little early. UROC would like to thank both Fred and Debbie for their hard work and commitment to the club. You guys did a great job!  Our new officers for the 2011 flying year and the remainder of 2010 are:

Kelly Hall - President
Jed Marti - Vice President
Megan Marion - Secretary
Neal Baker - Treasurer

It will take a day or two for email and contact information to be updated throughout the site.

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