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Cornbelly's Corn Maze UROC Booth Featured


Our booth at Cornbelly's was a huge success. We had a constant stream of kids making and launching their very own paper rockets. The kids had a great time, making us very popular. There were approximately 100 kids each day.

To make a paper rocket, the kids first rolled a square piece of paper around a pvc pipe spacer. Next they cut out and taped on fins. Once the tops were folded into nose cones, the rockets were ready for launch.

We mostly launched using a dual launcher except when our first air compressor failed and we had to switch it out. That's when we were using a bike pump to fuel the paper rockets. Luckily, we were able to find another portable air compressor.


Members of UROC were also on hand to pass out brochures and answer questions.

Our booth was right next to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) booth. They were having fun running over kids with a small multi-wheeled rover.

Friday's volunteers included Cathy Redd, David Marion, Megan Marion, Marjorie Zollinger, Kevin Harris, Alex Laraway, Misty Hall, Ben Noffsinger and others.

Saturday's volunteers included Randall Redd, David Marion, Megan Marion, Marjorie Zollinger, Kevin Harris, Heather Wilkins, Mark Coulter, Amy Coulter and others.

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