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Power-Surge at BALLS 21 Featured

Less than 45 days after Aces High's demise comes a new creation from the crew of Jerry Hughes, Ron Weigel and Jack Blair. Power-Surge is 10 inches in diameter and 10 feet long. Power-Surge will lift off of the playa under a handcrafted "P" motor.{vsig}Powersurge{/vsig}

Jerry indicated that they are planning on flying this monster on Saturday, September 22nd at the BALLS Expermental launch in Blackrock, Nevada.

BALLS is the premier Experimental Rocket Launch in the Continental US. It spans 22 years and brings dedicated rocketry enthusiasts devoted to the leading edge of non-professional rocketry activities together for the best demonstration of experimental motor design using today's best technologies, and probably the largest non-professional rockets seen anywhere.

BALLS 21 is a venue for projects that should NOT be flown publicly due to safety and legal restrictions. This may include, but is not limited to, LARGE rockets, complex staging or clustering, metal rockets, self designed and/or fabricated rocket motors and new technologies being developed or proven.

This launch will be primarily for Research Motors and/or Dangerous projects. Do NOT come to observe unless you are directly involved in flight activities, a Pre-Approved Experimental Project or invited by persons active in such ventures.


For more information about BALLS 21 Visit their Website


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