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Another Opportunity to Fly and Help

As many are aware, the April 20th launch was rained out early into the day. Unfortunately many were not able to get the flights in that they were hoping for. We have an opportunity for you to have the chance to fly your rockets and help out some great kids at the same time. Saturday, April 27 is the annual Scout Merit Badge launch. This launch is a culmination of UROC volunteer's time throughout the past month assisting the scouts with building and construction the scout's rockets. On Saturday we will host aproximately 300 Boy Scouts on site attempting to gain their Space Exploration Merit badge (required 2 flights).

Needless to say, we need as much help as we can get to carry this off succesfully. The scout launch this weekend is a big deal for UROC. It promotes our club and our hobby to a very large group of people. Plus we are doing some actual good for the community. This year, we have about 300 flyers coming out. They will each have to fly 2 flights to qualify for their badge. That's 600 flights by young kids. We need rocketeers to volunteer to run the range, assist scouts in rocket repairs, helping the kids get their rockets on the pad, etc. The more UROC support we have the better the event will go. 

So, here is the offer... Any UROC member that comes out to the launch site by 9:00am to assist and actually does assist throughout the day will have the opportunity to fly HPR following the scout's completion of their launches. This will take several hours and naturally, the more help we have, the faster it will go.

Anyone that shows up to assist with the scout launch will be allowed to fly HPR (after the scout launch is completed). This will involve a reconfiguration of the launch site and this will not happen until the scout launch is complete. If the weather is good, it's still daylight, we can have a waiver and people still want to fly, we will allow high power flights for a few hours after the scouts. 

In order to fly, you must receive a "Launch Pass," in order to get one:
-You MUST assist the scouts (showing up and prepping your own rockets won't qualify). 
-You MUST notify us of your intent to assist with the scouts by EOD Wednesday by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
If you have questions or comments regarding this offer, please respond via the forum so that others can see your concerns or input as well.
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