Wednesday, 11 December 2013 12:31

Holiday Party was a Blast

2013 Holiday Blast 2013 Holiday Blast Heather Park

The Christmas Party went very well. We had 30 people there, and some late entries, but that just made our numbers more. Randall Redd and Bob Morstadt brought really cool rockets to display. We had a lot of presents brought and Kathy used a number system to give everyone a present, then she asked Ensign to help her with it. It turned out not working the way she thought it would and everyone had a good laugh. So I jumped in and helped both of them get presents past out. It was kind of funny.

Then Ken expressed thanks to everyone who came to support the club, and basically spoke about his desire to hear ideas and improvements from the survey that will be put up shortly on the UROC website to find out how we can make the club better.

Ken really wants to do some build nights, and perhaps even have a two-day rocket launch from maybe Friday to Saturday, overnight camping and launching. He wanted to hear ideas, and he told everyone that his door is always open and he is available to help to resolve problems.

Aside from that the food was really good, and the pies were delicious. James the owner didn't charge 14.00 per plate he only charged 11.00 so he did give a small discount for us eating there. It was very enjoyable.

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