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HellFire 20 Wrap Up

HellFire 20 Crowd HellFire 20 Crowd Jerry Hughes

We had an excellent HellFire launch! The twentieth anniversary of our annual launch was perfect. We had calm weather from Thursday to Saturday. We saw many flights go over our ten thousand foot AGL level. We were also pleased to be joined by Dot Hunt and her son.

I would like to recognize and thank the people who made this years Hellfire such a success; Heather Park (our chairperson), Dave Spencer, Clair and Maureen Mills, Randall and Cathy Redd, Tim Boschert, Neal Baker, and Joe Hinton.

We had several successful certification flights, congratulations to those that acheived their level one or two certifications with NAR and Tripoli.

We made new friends and gained some remote members at HellFire 20. We had the pleasure of meeting a nice couple from Arizona, Wayne and Sharon of Phoenix who are our newest long distance members, we look forward to seeing them again at future HellFire launches.

Thanks go out to the people who joined us at the banquet and awards Presentation. Awards were awarded as follows:

  • Highest altitude awards; Youth - No Contestants, Adult -Wayne Comfort.
  • Beauty Contest winner; Tony Bean's beautiful "Bomarc."
  • Presidents Award for best rocket; went to J Orr's unique and creatively launched "Hoosiers".
  • President Park also awarded a youth President award to Tony Bean's daughter for her "Catastrophe" rocket.

New Awards and a hope fully a new tradition given out this year were.

  • Heart of UROC Award: Given to Randall and Cathy Redd - dFor the reason that this club wouldn't exist if Randall and Kelly Jones hadn't started it on the dinner table in Randy's home over twenty years ago. Randall has always been able to be counted on to help out with any youth group. He has been our NAR representative and has been willing to help all who ask his advice in moving forward in their knowledge. And we'd all agree that no one build odd rocks like him.

  • The Dedication to UROC Award: Given to Neal Baker - Neal has served as president for multiple years. He came into the club when he was attending college, he has been editor of the Ballistic Beehive newsletter, he runs our website and has alway been a person that you can turn to and able to call upon for advice and guidance.

We were pleased to have been joined by one of greats in the rocket motor industry. Gary Rosenfield gave us a very interesting presentation on how he has been involved in model and high power rocketry over the years. His pictures and lecture showed the growth and changes in the hobby.

All in all Hellfire twenty was a total and smooth success!

And we've had an incredible time here at Hellfire 20!

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