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Upcoming May Launch Looks Good

The high power sport launch scheduled for May 5 and 6 currently looks good. This is our Cinco DeMayo launch and it will take place at our "Frank Hunt Field" launch site. The set up will begin around 8:30am and we will hopefully be flying shortly thereafter. We can use help with the set up as always. Provided the weather continues to be good, we will have flying throughout Sunday morning as well. Flyers are welcome to camp out Saturday night at the launch site. Here are a couple of notes to be aware of for this launch:

Both Jim and Jed are planning on being there on Saturday and possibly Sunday as well, but you should contact them to make sure they will be.

If you are needing to purchase motors, our local motor Vendor Tim Boschert of DasRocket will be onsite for part of the day Saturday, not at all on Sunday. You should contact him if you have any specific motor needs. While we are talking about Das Rockets, in honor of Cinco De Mayo  they will be offering 10% off of all green propellant that they have in stock at the launch!

This launch will be held under the Tripoli Research rules. Also be aware that only members of UROC are allowed to participate in the launch. If you are not a member you can sign up online or at the launch. As always, we will need help running the launch, RSO, LCO, pad managers and lots of help setting up and tearing down the range. We do have a Porta Potty ordered for this launch. Set up is expected to begin around 8:00 am and we will fly in to the early afternoon or until the wind gets to be too strong and if the weather permits maybe start up some model rocketry in the evening. As always, we will need help with LCO/ RSO/ Pad Management and set up and tear down. Last launch there were 5 of us to clean the entire launch range up. It would be great to have some additional help this time. Based on attendance on both days we will evaluate the launch schedule as we progress through the remainder of this year.

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