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May Launch 2017 Recap

UROC's May launch was held as a two-day event on Saturday, May 20th and Sunday, May 21st. We had a good showing of UROC members as well as some new members. A small group of members camped out Friday night and Clair and Maureen Mills brought the trailer out Friday night as well. As a result, after a pretty cold night, the range began to be set up early on Saturday. The range was in place and ready to fly by about 9:15 am. A safety meeting was held where Neal Baker (club president) and Jim Yehle (Tripoli Prefect) provided information about the launch rules and other safety concerns. Weather was very good on Saturday, temperatures were in the high 60s and winds were surprisingly low all day. With the exception of a few late afternoon bursts the wind was as tame as any of us have seen out there. Flights continued until around 5:00pm on Saturday.


Attendance was very good for this launch with close to 85 - 95 people in attendance at the high point on Saturday.  Throughout Saturday there were just around 70 seperate flights and about 13 on Sunday. There were a mix of L1 through L3 certification attempts (17 with TRA and NAR combined)  

Many of the cert flights were succesful including veteran UROC member Kirk Weaver who re-certified both Level 1 and Level 2 this weekend.  Another highlight of this launch was Gene Hendrix's succesful TRA Level 3 flight on an M2500.  It was very evident after the launch on Saturday that the vegetation conditions on site already are not going to permit a June/July launch at the Frank Hunt Field due to the extreme fire hazard.

Overall this was a very succesful launch, the night launch did not occur as most folks went back to town in the evening, but the time shared after the launch for those who did stay out into the evening was friendships were made and old ones strengthened.

It rained during Saturday night and into Sunday morning but it died off by around 9 and the range was able to be activated and a little over a dozen flights were flown including a perfect flight for Ron Blosch's newest creation on a J800. We had some great help and support with clean up on Sunday and the launch was finished by 1:00pm, just prior to the next storm that rolled through.

Thanks to everyone that helped with setting up, fire control, tear down, range duty, and just being great members of UROC.  Make sure to check out the UROC Group on Facebook and UROC's own Gallery for shared photos


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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 15:59

April Contest Launch

The upcoming launch on April 22nd is a non-waivered contest event. No rockets over G power can be flown. Flyers are expected to make their own arrangements for launch equipment as the trailer and UROC launch gear will not be coming out. This launch is held to provide an environment suitable for the UROC members interested in and participating in NAR rocketry contests.   Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any further questions about the launch.

List of the contest events:

There will not be a Porta Potty ordered for this launch. Set up is expected to begin around 8:30 am and we will fly in to the early afternoon or until the wind gets to be too strong. If the weather conditions for the upcoming launch deteriorate or if the fire hazard becomes too high, we will try to notify everyone via our normal modes including the website, facebook, and twitter.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 17:27

HellFire 22 Dates Announced

HellFire, sponsored by the Utah Rocket Club (UROC)  takes place this year August 3,4,5,6. Though HellFire is technically an amateur launch, we’re talking serious rocketry here. Participants from around the country launch rockets ranging from foot-tall wonders to towering monsters that weigh in at over one hundred pounds, feature high-tech electronics, use a propellant similar to that used on the space shuttle, and lift off with 750 pounds of pure thrust.

Now in its 22nd year, HellFire continues to grow. Many people attend not to launch, but simply for the thrill of watching. Between launches, visitors enjoy examining rockets and components close-up and speaking with the experts who build and launch them.

Spectator Admission to HellFire is free and the public is welcome. HellFire will be held on the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah. Take Exit 4 on Interstate 80 and follow easy-to-spot signs. The event takes place 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday, August 3 through Sunday, August 6.

Discounted registration for flyers is available for UROC members.

Many more details to come over the next weeks.

Tips for visitors:

  • According to UROC insiders, Saturday is the day “where it starts getting crazy” with “lots of flights.”
  • All launch plans are subject to weather. Visitors are encouraged to check BEFORE driving out to the launch.
  • There are no food or drink vendors at the event, so UROC reminds visitors to bring binoculars, hats, chairs, shade, lots of sunscreen, food and snacks, and plenty of drinking water.
  • UROC strongly encourages spectators to leave their pets at home, this is not a pet friendly environment
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Monday, 29 August 2016 14:09

Team USA Brings Home Gold

UROC member Matt Steele has been in the Ukraine for the International Rocketry Competition (Internats) this past week. The Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) is the governing world body, covering not only spacemodeling and aeromodeling, but all aspects of aviation. Each member country is represented within the FAI by its national aero club, which in the United States is the National Aeronautic Association (NAA). The NAA delegates authority for aeromodeling and spacemodeling to the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The AMA sponsors the US Spacemodeling Team, as well as a number of aeromodeling teams.

The U.S. Team for a WSMC is selected by a flyoff process that is held at the opening weekend of NARAM one year prior to the WSMC. The flyoff is open to all U.S. NAR members. In between the biennial WSMC, regional FAI-sanctioned international competitions called “World Cups” are held each year, each with 4 or 5 of the 8 WSMC events. U.S. FAI fliers use these to practice their skills in preparation for a WSMC or for the US team-selection flyoff. Of the 25 or so that are held worldwide each year there is typically one of these held in the US, the “Capitol Cup” in Mansassas, VA in September of odd-numbered years and the “CanAm Cup” in Muskegon, MI every June.

This year the US Senior team won the Gold Medal in Class S2P - Precision Eggloft and Emma Kristal won the individual Gold Medal.

rankingsThe United States S1B altitude team won the Silver Medal Team members included Steve Kristal, Dr. Bob Kreutz and Matt Steele. Dr. Bob also won individual gold with a truly fantastic flight. The team bested 15 other teams and came up just a very tiny bit short of winning the gold.

Matt was also awarded an individual gold medal for Scale Altitude. (A scale model of a rocket judged on accuracy of scale, then flown to the highest altitude.) This means Matt will be bringing home an individual gold medal, a Team gold medal and a Team silver medal. (He competed in 3 events and he is bringing home a medal from all 3 events.)

Congratulations Matt and all of Team USA for a fantastic showing!

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 10:24

HellFire 21 - Time to Register!

Hellfire 21 "Aces High" is shaping up to be a great launch. The Utah Rocket Club's premier High Power Launch for the year will take place Thursday, August 4, 2016  through Sunday, August 7, 2016.  We have folks coming in from all over and are expecting a fun time seeing old friends and making some new ones. We have received approval from the FAA which will allow us to grant flights up to 25,000ft AGL. Over the next week or two, all of our sponsors, contests, and lots of other surprises will be making their way on to this website. In the meantme, please take a moment to register for the event. If you are planning on flying at HellFire you do need to register.  Remember that Spectators are free. You only need to register and pay if you are planning on flying at HellFire.


Eventbrite - HellFire 21 - High Power Rocketry Event
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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Fred Williams. Fred passed away on Thursday, April 21st after a long and courageous battle with cancer. Fred was a former club president and a long time member of the Utah Rocket Club and he will be missed.

Visitation Monday April 25  from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Wasatch Lawn Mortuary.

Visitation Tuesday April 26 from 9:45 am to 10:45 am at Wasatch Lawn Mortuary.

Funeral Service  Tuesday April 26  at 11:00 am at Wasatch Lawn Memorial Park.
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Sunday, 22 November 2015 11:46

UFO-1 2015 Contest Results

The morning started out rather brisk with temps in the 40s but fortunately no wind. In fact the skies remained clear and the air fairly calm for the whole day. At 7:30 in the morning, it was quiet and peaceful as I was setting up my launch gear. After the sun came up, it started warming up nicely. We had our usual group of competitors there with a new addition, William Cooper. In the foreground are Randall and Cathy Redd with Fred Williams setting up. As people started showing up we started getting our Egglofters up to take advantage of the calm air. Bruce Bell won top honors in Eggloft with a 655 meter flight using an Aerotech E20-7 motor. William Cooper was close behind with an excellent flight to 624 meters.

B Boost Glider and B Helicopter were dependent on catching a thermal to turn in a good flight. The time for a non-thermal flight in Helicopter and Boost Glider was around 60 seconds. The models that turned in the best times flew closer to noon when the thermals were more abundant. The Helicopter of choice seemed to be the Gyro Chaser from Apogee. While the Boost Glider of choice was the Condor also from Apogee.

The Scale models were turned in and judged. We definitely have a better crop of scale models this year as modelers are getting better at building them. Bruce Bell flew a well-made D-Region Tomahawk to a second place while Mark Snaufer had a beautiful Delta II. In team division there were 2 extremely excellent models from Pod Bay Doors (Matt Steele) flying a TCMP-2 and Dizzy Dog (Fred Williams and Randall Redd) flying a RAM-B. Both of these models were NARAM quality and were about as close to perfect as I have seen. There was only 20 points separating them after static judging. The RAM-B suffered some damage from a problem with the flight and the TCMP-2 came out on top.

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Monday, 31 August 2015 16:17

Randall Redd - 50 Years of NAR

Last month, at the NARAM-57 awards banquet, the NAR announced the members of the Association who have reached 50 years of continuous membership. As of this date there are fewer than 40 current NAR members who have reached this milestone. These include legends in the hobby like: Bill Stine, Vern and Gleda Estes, Manning Butterworth, Trip Barber, Jay Apt, and Gordon Mandell.  

As of 2016, UROC's very own Randall Redd is a member of this esteemed group. Randall is UROC's current NAR advisor and one of the founding members of UROC. It's safe to say that UROC would not be the club it is today without Randy! Congratulations to Randall and thanks for all of his support and friendship throughout the years and for reaching his 50th anniversary with the National Association of Rocketry!

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May Launch - Bad Weather Blues

The sport launch scheduled for Saturday, May 16 has been cancelled due to expected poor weather conditions.  At this time it appears that our next launch will be the Research Launch on June 6 assuming the weather cooperates and fire hazards are within reason. If you have any questions or concerns about this situation, please contact UROC's president Ken Park at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Ken Eva Memorial Meet 2015

Ken Eva was a talented UROC modeler that was taken from us far too early. Each year, UROC honors him by hosting a meet in his memory.

The 2015 edition of the Ken Eva Memorial Meet featured a number of challenigng events. First up was the NAR Contest version of the Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) event. In this event, contestants fly an egg to 300 meters and 60 seconds on the same flight. Two flights are required, and the contestant with the best combination over two flights wins – provided the egg didn’t break or crack on either flight! Altitudes are provided by altimeters. This event takes some practice to get right. Mark Snaufer took first in C Division by hitting a duration on the mark at 60 seconds on his first flight, and only 16 meters low of the target, followed by a 57 second flight and 33 meters low on his second flight. Bruce Bell took second place in C division when his model flew much higher thyan the target on his first flight. Clair Mills followed up in third place. The Pod Bay Doors team, led by Matt Steele, won Team Division with a stock NCR Bounty Hunter kit with flights just 3 meters over the target each time!

B Boost Glide saw Mark Snaufer combine a very nice first flight (with a return) with a flyaway second flight that caught two consecutive thermals. It went out of sight going up around two and a half minutes, and was never seen again. Clair Mills was actually ahead of Mark after the first round, but didn’t catch the big lift on his second flight, and finished second. Bruce Bell ended up third with a 110 second flight on his second attempt. The Pod Bay Doors also lost a model to the thermal gods to help them win Team division over the Dizzy Dog Team (Randy Redd and Fred Williams).

B Helicopter Duration was also won by Mark Snaufer, who used good flights of 41 and 75 seconds from his Apogee Gyro Chaser to edge Clair Mills and Bruce Bell. The Pod Bay Doors found another good thermal to put their Rotaroc into, and got a flight of 98 seconds.

Sport Scale brought out the nice models. Unfortunately, Clair Mills’ beautiful Bomarc pranged badly! Mark Snaufer won with a two stage Wac Corporal, followed by Bruce Bell’s IQSY Tomahawk. The Nike Smoke of the Pod Bay Doors won Team Division, followed by the Dizzy Dog Juno.

Meet Champions were Mark Snaufer (C Division) and Pod Bay Doors (Team). UROC gained another 9700+ points in the national club standings.

Pioneer 2015 is scheduled for May 30 with the same events. Hope to see you there!

View more pictures from the event here


Sport Scale

PlaceContestantNumberSectionPrototypeStaticFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Snaufer, Mark 29609 523 WAC Corporal 630.0 150.0   78000 600
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 IQSY Tomahawk 610.0 100.0   71000 360
3 Bell, Sally 85169 523 D-Region Tomahawk 470.0 100.0   57000 240
-- Mills, Clair 86500 523 Bomarc 660.0 0.0   0 0
T Division
1 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 000 Nike Smoke 610.0 150.0   76000 600
2 Team, Dizzy Dog 33 523 Juno 530.0 100.0   63000 360
3 Team, Pod Babe Doors T-202 000 Nike Smoke 370.0 100.0   47000 240


B Boost Glider Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Snaufer, Mark 29609 523 75 149 224 570
2 Mills, Clair 86500 523 78 50 128 342
3 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 DQ 110 110 228
4 Steele, Cassidy 81474 000 33   33 114
5 Steele, Cody 46810 000 32   32 57
6 Steele, Katie 80121 000 24   24 57
7 Steele, Carrie 78080 000 18   18 57
T Division
1 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 000 106 20 126 570
2 Team, Dizzy Dog 33 523 26   26 342
3 Team, Pod Babe Doors T-202 000 17   17 228


B Helicopter Duration

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Snaufer, Mark 29609 523 41 75 116 630
2 Mills, Clair 86500 523 51 50 101 378
3 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 87   87 252
T Division
1 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 000 98   98 630
2 Team, Dizzy Dog 33 523 31   31 378
2 Team, Pod Babe Doors T-202 000 31   31 378


F Payload

PlaceContestantNumberSectionFlight 1Flight 2TotalPoints
C Division
1 Snaufer, Mark 29609 523 1942   1942 600
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 1153   1153 360
3 Mills, Clair 86500 523 577   577 240
T Division
1 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 000 1952   1952 600
2 Team, Pod Babe Doors T-202 000 858   858 360
3 Team, Dizzy Dog 33 523 812   812 240

Ken Eva Memorial Meet 2015 Meet Champions


PlaceContestantNAR NumberSectionTotal Points
C Division
1 Snaufer, Mark 29609 523 2400
2 Bell, Bruce 20636 523 1200
3 Mills, Clair 86500 523 960
4 Bell, Sally 85169 523 240
5 Steele, Cassidy 81474 000 114
6 Steele, Carrie 78080 000 57
6 Steele, Cody 46810 000 57
6 Steele, Katie 80121 000 57
T Division
1 Team, Pod Bay Doors T-201 523 2400
2 Team, Dizzy Dog 33 523 1320
3 Team, Pod Babe Doors T-202 523 1206
1 UROC   523 9726
2 IND   0 285


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