Sgt_PepperSgt_Pepper2Here's some shots of the rocket the Overmoes (Alan and Brad) plan on flying at HellFire15. I showed it at the last meeting. We are planning on putting it up on an N1000 which is the long burn N which has a 12 second burn. The rocket is about 10 ft tall and 5" in diameter. We are calling this project Sgt. Pepper.  It should be cool one way or another. 

Little V2

ImageThis is the original Overmoe V2. They call it the "Little V2" but there's nothing little about it. Based on an original Hott Rockets kit, this V2 is 9.25" in diameter and weighs in at 65 lbs when loaded!

This craft flies on an M1419 and hits about 7000 ft each time. This V2 Has flown about 9 times all on the M1419 motor. Brad did his level 3 on this rocket. Even after all of these flights it still has only a few scratches on it for damage.


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Gemini Titan

geminititan1Bob Morstadt's HellFire project this year is a beautiful, scratch built Gemini-Titan. Bob's Titan is a 5-inch diameter model that uses 2 extra long H-motors (Aerotech H268-M). 

The highly detailed capsule is made from the Revell plastic model.  Bob is utilizing a Q-Burst relay system.  The forward propellant grains are painted with Quick-Burst pyrogen. 

The Gemini has clear plastic fins, rail buttons, a ten-foot diameter parachute with piston ejection, and weighs about 10 pounds.


1I have always built short fat rockets because I liked seeing them take off slow. So for Hellfire this year I decided to go in the opposite direction and build long and lean. My project started with a Liberty Launch Systems Competitor 4. This is a 10 foot long all fiberglass kit with G-10 fiberglass fins, coupler and a 5:1 nose cone, and comes equipped with a 24" long 75mm motor mount tube and centering rings. The booster section is only 48" long, which could present some problems with a few motors that I might want to use and not provide enough room for a proper installation of a drogue system. So I also purchased an additional coupler and 24" airframe section. With the additional section added on, the booster is now 72" long, plenty long enough for even the longest 75mm motors. 

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Von Braun

vonbraun3Steve Anderson is planning on staying busy at HellFire this year, he has lots of big projects. His biggest has been named "Werner von Braun" in honor of the Chief V-2 Scientist. The rocket is a PoleCat Aerospace kit and weighs in at 11 pounds empty and could weigh nearly 20 pounds with motor, recovery and electronics. Steve is planning on using dual electronics with PRM to support dual deployment. He's considering his Rocketman R7 parachute but is not sure if it will be big enough.

His engine choices at this time are the J570, K185 and K700.  He hasn't settled on which one quite yet but he does have the K motors ready to go.


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