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Launch Support and Range Duty

Randall and Cathy timing a rocket.Every launch held by the Utah Rocket club requires the assistance of many members.

Volunteer to help with the range - Don't think you're qualified? We will be happy to train you for all positions. These jobs can be worked in small increments of 1 and 2 hours so as not to cut into your flying time. By helping out with these important jobs you let somebody else enjoy their day of launching too.

EVT - Event Timer

The Event Timer is a position required for certain Contest activities in all events for which a time-of-flight figure is scored. One or more Timers shall be stationed in the launching area with stop watches and may not leave the launching area in order to keep the model in sight.

LCO - Launch Control Officer

Oversees the launching of the rockets. Runs the launch control box and handles the PA announcements. Watches the range for safety violations, and has final say if a rocket flies or not. The LCO collects the flight data cards from the Pad Manager(s), reviews and arranges the cards for an orderly launch, noting which flights are "HEADS-UP" or for certification.

PAD - Pad Manager

A good way to help start learning launch operations. Helps manage the launch pads. Changes out launch rods when needed, help loads small and large rockets onto the launch pads. Helps the kids out with connecting their rockets. And helps out the RSO when things gets busy. Gets to learn what the RSO and LCO job are all about. Does not need to be certified. The Pad Manager also assists the LCO with crowd control and watches for any unsafe condition.

REG - Registrar

The Registrar is responsible for making sure that all non-UROC flyers have paid their registration fee and receive a day permit for flying. They also act as a club liason to spectators and visitors by accepting new and renewal membership payments, dispersing club information, and assisting the general public in understanding safety procedures and flight operations.

RSO - Range Safety Officer

Oversees the checking in of each rocket and assigns the rocket to a particular pad. Takes a look at the rocket to see if it is fit to fly. Make sure that the motor has been mounted correctly, fins secure, and launch lugs are attached correctly. Then assigns the rocket to a pad. Should be certified level 2 or higher through either the National Association of Rocketry or the Tripoli Rocketry Association. The RSO is responsible for the overall safety of the range, not just rockets but all activities taking place at the launch site. The RSO has ultimate say in decisions concerning safety. The RSO must be at least 18 years old and be a Level 2 certified flyer in either the TRA or NAR.

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