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Add Me To Your Mailing List logo is run by Randy Milliken. Randy began his hobby of rocketry in the early to mid 70’s.

Matt Strum started selling railbuttons in 1998 and had a very successful on-line business for over 10 years. When he decided to stop selling railbuttons, it left the hobby with fewer (and more expensive) options.

After exchanging some email, Matt helped Randy with the information about how he was able to provide the hobby with such and inexpensive choice for railbuttons.

It is Randy's goal to keep supplying inexpensive railbuttons for our hobby and keep Matt's vision moving forward. Matt was able to sell thousands of his buttons and Randy hopes to be able to do the same for many years to come. offers rail solutions for all of your projects with buttons for 1010 and 1515 rails as well as mini and micro buttons.   

Rail-Buttons also carries a great system of protective covers for  your reloadable motor hardware called Case Covers. The covers are made of a LDPE plastic that will stretch around a motor case to protect it to and from a launch site. The tubular plastic netting sleeves stretch to fit irregular shapes for shielding your expensive motor cases.

For more info you can visit the rail-button website at
LaFayette, IN

Phone: (765) 237-9040
Fax: (206) 337-4540