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LDRS Launch Information

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The Utah Rocket Club (Tripoli Utah) is so excited for you to visit our site.

Here are a few items that you need to know. LDRS 39 will follow the Tripoli Research Safety Rules. All flyers need to be current members of Tripoli or NAR to fly at the launch site. When you sign in, you will need to show proof of your Tripoli or NAR membership. NAR members will be allowed to fly commercial motors (only) at LDRS 39 with NAR insurance (as long as their projects are launched according to NAR rules).

All flyers who enter the high-power pad area must be 18 or older and a current member of Tripoli or NAR in good standing. TRA Junior members may enter the high-power pad areas as long as they are accompanied by an adult NAR or TRA member at all times.

As a Flyer


The current edition of the TRA Research Safety Code permits adult members of TRA and NAR to launch high-power rockets throughout the full 4 days of LDRS 39. All attendees must sign in at the registration booth. If you registered on-line (why wouldn't you?), your registration package will be ready for you there. You will need to show proof of your current or pending membership with TRA or NAR to receive your registration packet. It's important to note that only a current membership TRA or NAR card or proof of pending membership along with legal ID will be accepted. Please don't ask our registration folks to make an exception. They cannot do so.


As a Spectator

Note that you enter this launch site at your own risk. You must stay behind the flight line during all operations, and neither TRA nor UROC are responsible for damages of any kind.

As a Member of the Press

If you are interested in attending LDRS 39 as a professional member of the press or media there are a few requirements that you'll need to complete. Information can be found here.


The Launch Site


Our launch site is managed by the United States Bureau of Land Management. We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with them and intend to continue far into the future. You need to follow these rules or else you will be escorted off the launch site.

No rockets are allowed to fly without inspection and approval of the RSO. Any person who flies or tries to fly a rocket without RSO approval will be asked to leave the launch.

Click for more details regarding flying on the flats


Toilets and Garbage

There will be portable toilets on site. The Bonneville Salt Flats are considered to be a “Pack out what you pack in” site. There will be a dumpster, but in general please plan on packing out and disposing of everything you bring onto the site.

Parking and Camping at LDRS 39

There is NO camping on the Salt Flats. You can camp on the public lands near the flats, but not on the flats themselves. You will, however, be allowed to set up your base of operations on the salt and leave it up throughout the event but you will need to vacate the salt before dusk each night.

You should plan on removing the cover from any canopy and fold up your chairs as the winds do pick up on the salt at night.

You may want to wash your car off sometime during the event. There are two high-power car washes located in Wendover, NV. Both are open all day-night.

Food and Drink

We anticipate having multiple food and drink vendors on site during LDRS 39 however we still recommend bringing your own water. You can never have too much. 

The gas station at exit 4 off of Interstate 80  will be a good spot to pick up water and ice each day. It's approximately 5 miles away from the launch site, so it's not a long drive to refill your supplies.

Site Security

UROC will provide security for the site. Please see our Accommodations for Camping details. Parking will be available on-site each day in designated parking areas only. Please note, flyers will park with their assigned location. Spectators will have a designated area to park as well.

Recovery Area

You will only be able to recover your rocket when the appropriate range left/right is open, based on where your rocket landed. You may drive to your rocket as long as you never are in the TRA safety code distances. The salt turns soft and muddy towards the edge and to the far west. Please make sure to not get stuck. Tow trucks are available to come get you out, but it’s a pricey mistake.  LDRS 39 will not provide any vehicle recovery services.

Learn about getting towed on the salt.

Range Set Up and Tear Down

If you’re able to, please come to the range-head towards the beginning and end of the launch every day – more people means it is less work to set up and tear down. If you have not done any tear down before, we will pair you up as a buddy system since teardown has a process you must learn.

Certification Flights

As you register online, you can specify if you intend to fly a certification flight. It is best to come with your Tripoli number and all of your paperwork completed.

Launch Schedule


All launches start at 7:00 am. We keep flying until we have no more flyers or 3:00 pm. On Sunday, we would like to start to tear down by 3 pm; we call for flyers around 1 pm to determine how long to keep the range open.


Drones and RC Aircraft

Drones must be pre-approved by a launch director and shall be flown away from the crowd at all times and are not allowed in the spectator or flight line areas. RC model aircraft are not allowed during LDRS 39.

Public Address and FMS Radio Information

The launch details will be broadcast on FM radio channel 98.5, Note: this may change the week before the launch. FRS radio communications to the range head (LCO/RSO) will be supported on channel 5.0 (462.6625).

HAM & Telemetry Radio Information

Users who would like to reserve specific channels for use should note this when they register online for LDRS.

View list of currently reserved frequencies

Flight Waiver

We anticipate a standing waiver to launch rockets to 10,000 AGL with windows to 25,000 feet AGL. We are working with the FAA to open up the 25,000 for the duration of each launch day. We will update here as we are made aware of any changes.

Drag Races

Note that all drag races will need to fly at the 2000′ maximum  distances in the 2017 Edition of the Tripoli Safe Launch Practices.


Launch System

Tripoli Utah/UROC currently employs a Wilson FX launch system capable of up to 128 pads. All popular sizes of launch rods and rails available at each pad bank. Initial plan is 8 banks of 8 pads. Projects with special equipment needs should contact the Launch Director to determine availability. 


We are currently anticipating approximately 60+ pads across 8 cells, with a focus on the mid-range and high power. Additional towers and high-power pads that attendees bring will be accommodated as possible.

There will not be hybrid launch equipment provided. All hybrid GSE must be provided by flyer(s) wishing to launch hybrid motors and you must contact the launch director in advance for instructions regarding placement.

Projects with unique pad requirements or extreme weight requirements (in excess of ~100 lbs.) must contact the launch director in advance regarding the pad requirements for placement of personally owned equipment.

No rockets will be launched at any angle toward the flight line/crowd. If the LCO sees your launcher set outside of these parameters, your launch will be skipped, and when the range opens up again you can re-aim your rocket.

When you’re out on the range, please don’t walk OVER the launch leads; if you trip over the launch leads and yank the wires, the launch will shut down.

The big away pads we have are capable of launching a rocket in excess of 250 lbs. The standard rail is a 1515 or “big button” rail 12′ in length, as is used on all larger impulse rockets. We will also have 1010 rails available. Please contact us if you have a special project or launch requirements.


Range Duty

Events like LDRS happen because of the awesome rocketry community and their willingness to help out and volunteer. We will be asking all of our registered flyers to give us at least 2 hours of their time to make the event run smoothly and safely.  For those willing to volunteer more, we will be awarding the first 25 cool volunteers with premier tent placement and parking.

We will need volunteers for the following positions for all 4 days:

FSO Away Cell
LCO Assistant
LCO Spotter
RSO Away Cell
Pad Manager Left Range
Pad Manager Right Range
Pad Manager Away Cell Left Range
Pad Manager Away Cell Right Range

Sign up for additional volunteer slots.

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