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Reserved Frequencies


You have the ability to request frequencies during the LDRS 39 registration process.  Below is a list of all the frequencies requested so far.

Contact us with any questions

Flyer                                  Call Sign         Frequency
Lowell Hart KG6VSD 435.450 MHz
Neal Baker KG7WRY  
Joe Hepworth KG7DNZ  
Joe Hinton KCOLDX  
Clair Mills   919.000 MHz
Kevin Osler KA6RLQ  
Joseph Pfeiffer, Jr. KN7MVO 434.920 MHz
Chris Short KI4RXL  
Troy Telford N7TMJ 433.120 MHz
Troy Telford N7TMJ 433.220 MHz
Troy Telford N7TMJ 432.120 MHz
Tim Boschert KI7JZP  
Jed Marti KI7NNP
Kaden Lewis KJ7BYX 434.550 MHz
Kaden Lewis KJ7BYX
434.900 MHz
Kaden Lewis KJ7BYX 444.440 MHz
Rob Skiba KC0CYL
David Kittell KG5PXZ
222.250 MHz
David Kittell KG5PXZ 222.310 MHz 
David Kittell KG5PXZ 433.925 MHz
Joseph Pfeiffer Jr. KN7MVO
434.920 MHz
Brett Bachman ND5P
435.050 MHz
Brett Bachman ND5P 434.950 MHz
Brettt Bachman ND5P 216.045 MHz
David Smith W6DPS 444.915 MHz
David Smith W6DPS 449.000 MHz
David Smith W6DPS 146.050 MHz