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UROC Celebrates a Milestone

Neal E Baker | Published on 5/22/2024
motors since 2017UROC Celebrates Milestone of Over 4000 Launches Since 2017

Since 2017, Jed Marti, UROC's National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Advisor, has been diligently gathering launch data from flight cards filled out by UROC flyers. Each card, representing a flight, is meticulously compiled by Jed to provide valuable insights into motor usage trends and club interests. This data has proven essential for the Utah Rocketry Club (UROC) in understanding the dynamics of their launches.

Jed's efforts have not only aided in tracking trends but have also culminated in a long-term statistical study. This study, published in Sport Rocketry, analyzed the time it takes to launch rockets under various conditions. His research has been instrumental in enhancing the club's understanding and efficiency in rocket launches.

In May 2024, UROC celebrated a significant milestone: over 4000 launches since 2017. This remarkable achievement underscores the club's vibrant activity and passion for rocketry. Most of these launches were successful, with each ignition bringing a mix of nervousness and excitement to the spectators.

Analyzing the data collected over the past seven years, the H class motor emerged as the most popular choice among members, with 616 attempts. The C motors followed closely, although Clair's "Cluster Duck" project may have influenced these numbers.

This milestone is a testament to the dedication of UROC members. As the club looks forward to the next 4000 launches, the collective enthusiasm and commitment to safe, fun, rocketry will continue to drive our success.

Cheers to Jed and all UROC members for their efforts and achievements in the world of rocketry!