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UFO Competition Rescheduled

Published on 10/4/2018
POSTPONED!... Due to poor weather and a Fire Restriction still in place, this launch has been rescheduled for the following weekend (October 13) This launch is ONLY for people competing in the competition, no high power flights will be taking place. 

Event will take place from 8am to 2pm

List of the contest events:

B Eggloft Altitude (with altimeter)
A Helicopter Duration
1/2A Streamer Duration
1/2A Boost Glider Duration
Sport Scale (optional extra event, entries will be judged) 

For an explanation of this year's events browse this link

Bring your own launch system. Though you can fly from someone's.

You must be a NAR member. We can sign you up at the launch.

We can loan you an altimeter for Eggloft.

Let me Bruce Bell know if you have any questions.

See you there!!There will not be a Porta Potty ordered for this launch. 

If the weather conditions for the upcoming launch deteriorate or if the fire hazard becomes too high, we will try to notify everyone via our normal modes including the website, facebook, and twitter.

View the NAR Sporting Code (Pink Book)
View Launch Site Information and Directions
View the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code

These events are for NAR members and we can sign you up at the site.