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March Launch Officially Canceled

Published on 3/26/2019
CancelledUROC finally received the waiver for Frank Hunt Field from the FAA. All our 2019 launch dates moving forward are now covered and we should be able to proceed. However, the waiver that they sent is not active until the first of April, we aren’t sure why they delayed the activation date but regardless, we WILL NOT have a waiver for this weekend (March 30).

Our April launch is scheduled for April 13 and we will proceed with that as our first launch of 2019. We will not attempt to reschedule the March launch again.

This delay is disappointing, this has already been a strange year for the FAA in many ways but we are thankful that they pushed the waiver through as much as they did and that we are good for the remainder of the year.  

In terms of UROC’s launches, March has always been an "iffy" month for our first launch, generally because of weather, but there are always new situations.

I believe good things come to those who wait, we have all been waiting long enough through the winter months, so April should be great!