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June UROC Meeting - Virtual

Neal E Baker | Published on 6/1/2020
The Salt Lake County Complex is still closed due to Stay Home/Stay Safe requirements in the city of Salt Lake. The June meeting of the Utah Rocket Club is going to be virtual. The Salt Lake County Facility is closed to the public. THERE IS NO ON SITE MEETING!

Below are the instructions to join our Zoom teleconference. You will be able to be part of the meeting from the safety of your home. We recommend using a computer or other device that you are comfortable typing your questions on.
We will be discussing the upcoming June launch as well as plans for launches in the upcoming months and the Summer Picnic. We will even be holding a Trivia Contest for some great prizes.
We do recommend that you call in through your smart phone or computer so you can see the video feed. 

Member's Meeting - Virtual - 6/8/2020