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UROC at Black Rock - 70K Waiver

Neal E Baker | Published on 8/6/2020
Register to attendIn a world that's determined to keep us from flying. UROC is pulling out the stops for its members. Utah Rocket Club - Balls or UR BALLS will be taking place in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, on Septe
mber 11,12 and 13, 2020.You can fly your projects up to 70 thousand feet (higher with pre-approved Tripoli paperwork). 

This is not a standard UROC launch, this is taking place in the same location as the Tripoli Research Launch "Balls" which has been canceled this year due to our old friend COVID-19. This launch will give UROC flyers the opportunity to fly their high power projects anyway. 
Here are some details:

Everyone attending needs to register and pay regardless of whether that person is flying or not. BLM requires a fee per person, per day. This registration covers that.

There will be a porta potty on site but water will not be available. You need to bring your own

Camping at the launch site is allowed. The only accommodations are located in Gerlach, Nevada and may have limited availability so you'll want to call soon if you don't want to camp on the playa.

Bruno's Motel, 555 Main St, Gerlach, NV 89412, (775) 557-2220 .

Everyone coming will be expected to help set up, tear down, and run the launch. This will be a small launch limited to 50 people (both flyers and spectators) for those dedicated folks that NEED to fly. 

COVID-19 precautions will be in effect for this launch.

All those attending the launch are expected to have a great time and to be safe.

Please register TODAY if you are planning on going.
If we don't get enough people registered we won't be going, so it's important we have an accurate count of the people planning on it. Don't worry, if you register and the launch is canceled for any reason UROC will provide a full refund. (no partial days or partial credits). 

Click Here to visit the Registration and information page