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Happy New Year, UROC!!!

Paul Joyce | Published on 1/3/2022

Current and Future Members of the Utah Rocket Club (UROC),

Happy New Year!!!!  What an amazing year 2021 was.  I learned so much in my first year as President of the club yet still have so much more to do.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know more of the membership and making new friends.  We’ve had some amazing launches this year and pulled off arguably the best LDRS in history.  We couldn’t have done that without so many of you.   I sincerely appreciate all the support and humbled at the opportunity to lead the club in 2022 with the support of the amazing officers and BoD.

One of the things I was up to in 2021 is really understanding the historical, current and future financial positions of the club.  As President I have an obligation to the membership to ensure the club stays financially solvent.  It’s also very important to me that the club provide as much possible value for your membership dues as possible. 

With the support of the Board of Directors, we’ve made the decision to increase membership dues effective February 1, 2022.  It’s been a very long time since the club has increased dues.  It’s a hard but important decision to ensure the future of this club.  The minimal increase in membership rates covers a portion of the total membership costs, but not all.  It will be important to the club that we continue to look at replacing fundraising events like Hellfire and entertain hosting events like LDRS again in the future.

We understand that every dollar counts, between today and February 1, 2022, you are welcome to renew your memberships at the current rate.  This will allow all members the opportunity to delay the increase at least a year or more depending on membership renewal date.  If you are interested in this and need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

The new membership rates are as follows:

Individual Membership                                                                                         $25

Family Membership (same household)                                                                $40

College Student Membership (age 18-24 with student ID)                                  $10

Students/Kids through Highschool 18 and Under                                                $0 (Free)

We are planning on another really fun year in 2022.  We will have many launches at Frank Hunt Field.  We will conduct our first launch at our new Green River/Moab site.  And we’ll do UR NUTS at Black Rock!  The 2022 calendar is up now on so make sure to save the dates.

The Officers and BoD sincerely appreciate all of YOU.  Thank you for being members of UROC!  We look forward to lots of fun this year!


Paul Joyce