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March 19th, 2022 Sport Launch Is A Go!!!!!!

Paul Joyce | Published on 3/16/2022

Hi Everyone,

We are a GO for UROC’s first sport launch of the year on March 19, 2022 at Frank Hunt Field.

It’s spring time in Utah and the day won’t be perfect but we’ll do our best to get some launching done. Please note that there will be cloud cover, between 70%-90%, the whole day.  In addition, the winds are going to be kicking first thing and will increase early in the day as a front comes in.  We’ll do our usual weather dance in hopes of an improved forecast too.

Please remember, we can not fly into/through clouds.  Come prepared for whatever cloud ceiling we get.  We’ll keep our fingers crossed that it stays high.  DAS Rockets will be there for all your motor and flying needs.

Please remember, to fly with UROC, you must be a member of UROC and TRA or NAR.  Please DO NOT forget your UROC membership card (printed or digital) and your current TRA/NAR card.  You can find your UROC membership card on the website.  Log into the website and it’s in your profile.  We will be checking cards at the RSO station.  You will not be able to fly without a current UROC and TRA or NAR membership.

As usual, we’d love all the help we can get setting up and tearing down the field.  The trailer will be out there around 8am Saturday morning.  Come early, get set up and help us getting flying asap!

Looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!