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May 5th - 7th Launch Cancelled and New Launch Dates

Paul Joyce | Published on 5/3/2023
Hi Everyone,
Unfortunately the weather is not looking good for our Cinco de Mayo launch and campout this weekend.  It looks like some high winds, some rain, and lots of clouds.  The weather has been a bit of a moving target for this weekend.  We do our best to call it by today (Wed the week of) and right now things aren't looking good.
The May 5th, 2023 - May 7th, 2023 sport launch is cancelled.
I do have some good news though.  We are going to add a 1 day launch on May 13th, 2023.  I know many of you were excited for this weekend and even built some special projects.  Let's try and get them up this month, weather permitting of course.
If you built a special rocket to participate in the Cinco de Mayo contest, please bring them to the May 13th launch.

Prizes for:
Best Looking flyable Mexican themed rocket (pepper, taco, sombrero, etc.)
Best Flying Mexican themed rocket - closest altitude to sim (show sim before and electronics after)
I have some more good news too.  We were all excited to have a club campout.  We have rescheduled our campout and multi-day launch for June 9th-11th.  Everyone pray to the rocket gods for perfect weather and no fire restrictions by then. :-)
The June 9th-11th launch will replace the previously scheduled June 17th launch (bringing it forward for best chances to avoid fire restrictions).
We will have these updates to discuss during our Monthly Members Meeting on May 8th, 2023 as well.
Thanks everyone!